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English > Speech for Students > Speech on Health and Fitness for Students and Children
Speech for Students

Speech on Health and Fitness for Students and Children

Speech on Health and Fitness

Hello everyone. I am here to present a speech on health and fitness. The very known two terms to us are the word ‘health’ and ‘fitness’. Many times we tell or use these words whenever we say phrases like ‘health is wealth’ and ‘fitness is the key’. What does the word health really mean? It implies the idea of ‘being well’. A healthy and fit person is the one when he/she can function well physically as well as mentally. Proper health and fitness do not depend on our own but also on our physical environment and the quality of food intake.

Speech on Health and Fitness



Health and fitness is the most important aspect of our life.  There is nothing more important than health for any human being.  When we are healthy and fit we are able to enjoy our life well. We can talk to our near and dear one, we can laugh, smile, travel, enjoy food, and sleep well.

But when our health and fitness is not up to the mark, we are unable to do anything properly and stay behind. We cannot enjoy eating, watching sports or movies.  Our mood always remains negative and we are unable to talk nicely with our near and dear or even sleep properly.

Our health and fitness are more valued than our wealth.  In fact, our elders were always been focused on the health and fitness part. They treasure it like wealth. To maintain good health and fitness at its best all the time, we need to take care of hygiene and sanitation around us.

We must eat a healthy and complete diet.  We must eat vegetables, milk, egg, etc. Everyone should make a diet chart and ensure that we take a sufficient amount of carbohydrates, proteins, minerals, and vitamins.  Apart from eating we must maintain cleanliness in our room, house and nearby surroundings.

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Roots Affecting Health and Fitness

Well, there are many factors that are responsible for the staggering health and fitness graph. But the major reason is the personal habit and living style of people. A human body requires 20 gm fat per day. The consumption of just a regular pizza adds 10 grams of fat to the human body; a whopper burger blesses you with 13 gm fat and 100 gm French fries promote 15 gm fat to your body.

All the junk foods are destroying people’s health and fitness these days. Due to the fast-paced life, people are concerned about filling their stomachs rather than considering what they are eating and its effect on their health and body.

Health and Fitness tips

As we know that health and fitness play an important role in our overall wellbeing so we should try for a good balance between mind, body, and soul. I have some suggested activities to maintain proper health and fitness. One can start playing games and sports. An active body can metabolize well and so keep us in good shape.

Yoga has got a lot of health and fitness benefits such as flexibility, burn calories, increase blood flow, boosts immunity. Proper food selection leads to eating healthy. The intake of vitamins found in vegetables and fruits, proteins found in whole grains and lean meat keeps us healthy. Eat foods that have less oil are good to control cholesterol levels.

Avoid smoking and drinking as they affect our sleep which is important for the body to remain healthy and in good shape. Exercising improves the general health of the body. One must take at least thirty minutes a day to do some exercises or walk.


As told by Dalai Lama “Happiness is the highest form of health”. Happiness will come only when we will be healthy and fit. But today we live in a world where we value things more than people, work more than family, food more than health and status more than life.

We rush after money and social status and we forget about our health. What’s the value of life if we don’t live healthy and fit. This absurd attitude has ruined our lives and it will continue to do so unless we open up our eyes and see the reality.


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