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Aluminum Phosphate Formula

Aluminum Phosphate

Aluminum Phosphate Formula- It is a chemical compound whose many synthesis form is recognized. Moreover, it is an inorganic salt that we find in some minerals and pharmaceutical industries use it as a catalyst to obtain chemotherapeutics drugs. Besides, commercially it is available in the gel.

Aluminum Phosphate Structure and Formula

Its chemical formula is AlPO4 and its molar mass is 121.9523 g/mol-1. Mostly it exists in nature in the form of anhydrous salt AlPO4. Also, in nature, its dihydrate and pentahydrate forms exist in nature: AlPO4.2H2O and AlPO4.5H2O.  However, its molecule from the phosphate anion (PO43-) and aluminum cation (Al3+).

Furthermore, the anhydrous salt structure is similar to other minerals such as quartz that has a trigonal crystal system. Also, its basic structure is similar to zeolites. But, the dihydrate form is alike to NaCl structure that where 6 cations match with 6 anions and vice versa. In addition, in common representation its formula can be written as:

aluminum phosphate formula

                     Source: Softschools

Aluminum Phosphate Occurrence

In nature, we can find it as an aluminum salt in the form of berlinite. Moreover, we can find its dihydrate form in minerals like variscite and meta-variscite. Its major reserves exist in Australia and Sothern Africa.

Aluminum Phosphate Preparation

We can extract them from minerals such as variscite, meta-variscite, and berlinite. Although, the chemical methods to prepare it are not very extended or related in literature.

Aluminum Phosphate Physical Properties

It is a white crystalline powder that does not have any odor and has a density of 2.567 g/mL-1. Its melting point is 1800oC and beyond this temperature, it decomposes. It is slightly soluble in hydrochloric acid and nitric acid and insoluble in water.

Aluminum Phosphate Chemical Properties

Its chemical properties and structure are to quartz SiO4. Also, it presents piezoelectric properties. Further, it exhibits chirality (a characteristic that is common in organic compounds but rare in inorganic salts). Moreover, when we hear crystalline AlPO4 it converts to cristobalite and tridymite forms which replicate the behavior of silicon dioxide.

Aluminum Phosphate Uses

Its major use is in electronic and electrical industries due to its properties as a piezoelectric material. It is also useful in the production of rubber and adhesive. Furthermore, it is the most used antiacids. In Industries, they use it in ceramics, dental cement, cosmetics, paints, paper, and pharmaceuticals.

Aluminum phosphate together with aluminum hydroxide is the most common efficiency enhancer in vaccinations. Aluminum adjuvant use is widespread because of their cheap price, and a long history of effectiveness with most antigens. However, it is unknown how this salt function as adjuvants.

Aluminum phosphate is similar to aluminum hydroxide that’s why we use it to neutralize stomach acid (Hydrochloric acid) by forming ALCl3 with it. The gastrointestinal tract absorbs up to 20% of the aluminum from ingested antacid salts- regardless of some unverified concerns about the neurological effects of aluminum. Hydroxide salts and aluminum phosphate are said to be safe as antacids in normal use and even during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

We can use aluminum phosphate in combination with or without other compounds that are white colorants for pigments, corrosion inhibitors, cement, fillers and more. Compound related t it also has similar uses. For example, we can use Al(H2PO4)3 in dental cement, metal coatings, glaze compositions and refractory binders and on the other hand, Al(H2PO4)(HPO4) is a cement, adhesive, and refractory binders.

Aluminum phosphate health and safety hazards

It is very harmful to health. Its high concentration can cause irritation to skin, eyes, and mucosa membrane and can cause coughing and wheezing. Furthermore, it can cause damage to the respiratory system. Besides, it is non-flammable and does not react with other chemical compounds.

Solved Examples on Aluminum Phosphate Formula

Question: Name a synthetic hydrate form of aluminum phosphate?

Solution: A synthetic hydrate form of aluminum phosphate is AlPO4·1.5H2O.

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