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Barium Acetate Formula

This article deals with barium acetate formula. Barium acetate is a salt of barium and acetic acid. Furthermore, the production of this salt takes place by the reaction of barium carbonate and acetic acid. Moreover, it is a white powder that happens to be highly soluble in water. Barium acetate has considerable usage as a cationization agent for monitoring of sensitive reactions.

Barium Acetate Formula

Derivation of Barium Acetate Formula

As we already know, the production of barium acetate takes place by the reaction of acetic acid and barium carbonate. Moreover, barium acetate tends to decompose to carbonate when its heating takes place in the air. Most noteworthy, the molecular formula of barium acetate is  \(\left ( Ba\left ( C_{2}H_{3}O_{2} \right ) \right )\).

Properties of Barium Acetate

Barium acetate physical appearance is like white crystals or powders. Furthermore, barium acetate tends to be highly soluble in water. Moreover, its solubility in water happens to be g/100ml at a temperature of 20 °C: 59. The density of Barium acetate happens to be \(2.47 g/cm^{3}\). Also, this salt decomposes into barium carbonate upon heating.

Preparation of Barium Acetate

The production of Barium acetate takes place by the reaction of acetic acid with barium carbonate:

\(BaCO_{3}+2CH_{3}COOH\rightarrow \left ( CH_{3}COO \right )_{2}Ba+CO_{2}+H_{2}O\)

The performance of this reaction takes place in a solution. Furthermore, the barium acetate crystallizes out. Moreover, one can use barium sulfide:

\(BaS+2CH_{3}COOH\rightarrow \left ( CH_{3}COO \right )_{2}Ba+H_{2}S\)

So, the evaporation of the solvent takes place and the crystallization of barium acetate happens.

Reactions of Barium Acetate

When the heating of barium acetate takes place in the air, it decomposes to the carbonate. Furthermore, barium acetate reacts with various acids. Moreover, these acids which react with barium acetate are sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, and nitric acid and the results are sulfate, chloride, and nitrate respectively.

Uses of Barium Acetate

Experts use barium acetate as a mordant for printing textile fabrics. Furthermore, barium acetate is highly effective in drying paints. Moreover, this salt tends to be useful in lubricating oil. In the field of chemistry, the usage of barium acetate takes place in the preparation of other acetates. Also, experts make use of this salt as a catalyst in organic synthesis.

A powerful poison, its featuring took place in an episode of a television series Forensic Files, in the year 2001, recounting the 1993 murder of a man by his teenage daughter. Above all, this particular episode and other crime shows examining the Robards case intentionally avoided the use of the words “barium acetate”. The idea behind this was to prevent future “copycat” crimes.

Health Hazards of Barium Acetate

Barium acetate can be harmful in case one swallows it or inhales it. Furthermore, this salt can cause irritation to the eyes, skin, and respiratory tract. Moreover, its target organs are lungs, heart, muscles, gastrointestinal system, and nerves. Above all, barium acetate can be dangerous in case an individual swallows it. Also, the barium ion happens to be a muscle poison. So, it can cause muscle stimulation and then ultimately paralysis.

The initial symptoms of the damage are mainly gastrointestinal. Moreover, these symptoms include vomiting, colic, nausea, and diarrhea. After these initial symptoms, some other symptoms come which include myocardial and general muscular stimulation. This stimulation happens along with the tingling in the extremities. Some effects of barium acetate consumption can be chronic in nature like lung damage.

Solved Question For You

Question- What is barium acetate and its formula?

Answer- Barium acetate refers to the salt of barium and acetic acid. Furthermore, its molecular formula is \(\left ( Ba\left ( C_{2}H_{3}O_{2} \right ) \right )\).

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