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Boric Acid – Definition and Uses


Boric Acid

Boric acid is known by many names. Also, there is various boric acid uses and it exists in white powder form or in colourless crystals form.

Definition of Boric Acid

We also refer to it as boracic acid, Acidum boricum, hydrogen borate, and orthoboric boric acid, it is a monobasic and a weak Lewis acid of Boron. Furthermore, it exists in the form of colourless crystals or water-soluble white powder.

boric acid uses

Moreover, its constituents are Boron, Hydrogen, and Oxygen. Also, this chemical compound occurs naturally.

Besides, it exists in combination with other minerals such as borax and boracite. In addition, in the mineral form, it exists as sassolite.

Formula of Boric Acid

The chemical formula H3BO3 commonly known as boric acid is a combination of three elements hydrogen, boron, and oxygen. Furthermore, it is a weak acid crystalline compound that exists naturally.

Uses of Boric Acid

Cleaning agent

One of its uses is that it can be a cleanser, disinfectant, mold-killer, stain- remover, and deodorizer.

Furthermore, for removing odor and stains from clothing simply add a half cup of this acid in the laundry load with your regular detergent.

Besides, you can use it to clean your bathroom, floor, windows, and sinks. Moreover, put a half a cup of this acid in the toilet bowl and leave it for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes it will clean not only the stains but also remove the odor too.

Furthermore, for deodorizing the refrigerator, sprinkle a thin layer of this acid powder on and leave for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes wash away the powder and wipe dry.

In addition, a mixture of this acid, hydrogen peroxide, and water can be effective at removing mold. Spray the mixture on the affected area and scrub away.

Besides, keep in mind that the mold should be wet while you clean it otherwise the spores of the mold will go airborne and cause sickness or transfer to another area.

Pest Control

Boric acid uses is in the pest control business and is one of the most effective and natural ways to get rid of the pest in the home. Besides, it can kill cockroaches, fleas, termites, silverfish, beetles, wood borers, ants and other parasites.

Furthermore, when this acid is ingested in the body of parasites it acts as a stomach poison and dries out the body of insects. Also, it breaks the wax on the insect’s outer shell and gets absorbed in its body.

Moreover, like other poisons insect do not develop any immunity to boric acid. Most noteworthy, it isn’t a repellent which means insects can’t avoid the places you have applied it and whenever they come to that place they get poisoned.

Medical Uses of Boric Acid

Another boric acid uses is that it is a natural antiseptic, astringent, and anti-fungal agent. Besides, a teaspoon of boric acid in distilled water makes a great washer for wound, minor burns, acne treatment, and rashes. Furthermore, it relieves the itch from insects bite.

Also, a teaspoon of boric acid in four cups of water can treat sore eyes, weird eye discharge, and eye irritation. Moreover, its anti-fungal properties are useful to treat vaginal yeast infections or candidiasis.

Store this powder in an empty capsule and use twice a day. After its use, the infection will disappear in two to three days.

Furthermore, it dissolves in water is also an effective cure against athlete’s foot and ear infections caused by fungi from swimming pools.

Solved Question for You

Question. Which one of the following is not a use of boric acid?

A. Pest control
B. Fermentation
C. Wound treatment
D. Disinfectant

Answer. The correct answer is option B. As fermentation is a process of chemical breakdown of a substance.

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