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Land Pollution – Definition, Causes, and Prevention

The world is getting polluted day by day as you read this. Human activities have given birth to different kinds of pollution that are harming our planet. One of those kinds is land pollution. We are all aware that land pollution is equally distressing and destructive. Therefore, we must find out the causes and solutions to this pollution.

land pollution

Definition of Land Pollution

Land Pollution refers to the deterioration of the earth’s land surfaces. Furthermore, it occurs mainly due to the indirect and direct effects of human activities. Similarly, when we misuse the land resources, land pollution happens.

It is a global issue that needs to be fixed immediately. The unnecessary materials contaminate the quality of our land. For instance, even the garbage on the streets is a kind of land pollution only.

Causes of Land Pollution

There are various causes which contribute to this pollution. The various substances that spill on the land cause land pollution. Similarly, these substances have different sources of origin. The most common ones are:


This is one of the most common causes of land pollution. You will find garbage in every household. Tonnes of garbage is produced by common households annually. When such massive amount gets generated, the ways to dispose of it falls short.

Therefore, all this garbage gets dumped onto land. This land of disposal is referred to as a landfill. It is basically a wastage of free land which also gives birth to new problems. For instance, these landfills release toxic gases that harm living beings as well as the ozone layer.


Factories contribute largely to land pollution. They produce toxic waste products and chemical which prove very damaging to land.

Furthermore, these factories dump off their waste in lands and water bodies. While some countries have stringent laws against this, some do not. This increases land pollution.


We know farming is very important for every person. They fulfill our food demands. However, irresponsible farming becomes very harmful sometimes.

Clearing of forests for land area in order to farm makes way for land pollution. Moreover, the insecticides and fertilizers sprayed on crops also damage the land.


It is yet another activity that contributes to land pollution. In order to obtain coal and minerals, we dig holes into the land. This results in land erosion.

Similarly, it also produces harmful gases and toxins which results in contaminated land as well as the air.

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Prevention of Land Pollution

There are many ways which can be taken on a bigger level as well as a small one. It can help in preventing land pollution. In order to execute it, the government and citizens must come together to do so. We can begin with:

Reducing the usage of chemicals and pesticides

Reducing the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides can help in preventing land pollution. In addition to contaminating the soil, they also do no good to the crops.

Therefore, farmers must use natural ingredients instead of these harmful toxins. They can switch to manure and bio-fertilizers. This will help in minimizing land pollution.


As we know that forests and grassland bind the soil. We must practice reforestation to protect the land from pollution. It will further prevent floods and soil erosion. Moreover, it will make the land more fertile and enhance biodiversity.

Recovering and Recycling Material

We must recycle waste material to stop it from polluting the land. We must properly dispose of organic and inorganic waste separately. It will help in lessening the burden of landfills. Moreover, it will save more natural resources.

Solved Question for You

Question- Which of the following does not contribute to land pollution?

A. Mining
B. Farming
C. Reforestation
D. Garbage

Answer– The correct answer is ‘C’.

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