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The Bangle Sellers Summary

Summary of The Bangle Sellers

In this article, you will be reading The Bangle Sellers Summary where a group of bangle sellers are going to the temple fair to sell their bangles. The narrator is one of the members of the sellers. The title of the story is inspired by a poem by Sarojini Naidu. It describes the life of Indian women, their cultures and traditions. The story is about the bangle sellers, they urge the passer to buy to look at their bangles and buy them for their daughters and wives. This poem also describes how the bangles are attached with their emotions and these bangles also represent the transition of a girl from young to old. This poem also describes the daily life of bangle sellers.

The Bangle Sellers Summary

The Bangle Sellers Summary in English

In the first stanza of the Bangle Sellers Summary, the narrator describes that the bangle sellers are shouting as they are trying to sell their bangles in the temple fair. The speaker compares the bangles as the “lustrous tokens of radiant lives”. The speaker thinks that these bangles can bring happiness to their daughters and wives life. In the second stanza, the bangle sellers say that they carry various kinds of bangle for different types of women with different types of need.

The speaker says there are bangles for young girls and they are silver and blue in colour. He compares the silver and blue colours to the mountain mist which represents the freshness in youth girls. Some bangles are red and pink in colour and they are compared to tender flower buds. The “buds that dreams” represents the dreaming for marriage and the green bangles represent the freshness of young women. This stanza describes the early stage of a woman’s life.

In the third stanza, she speaks about the yellow bangles that look like a field of sunlit corn. “Field of sunlit corn” this phrase describes the looks of the bride in the day of her wedding. She needs to look brighter of all on her wedding day. The bangle sellers also have some red and orange coloured bangles which represent the desire and wishes of the newly married bride. Here the bridal laughter means the happiness of starting a new life and the bridal tear means the pain of separation from her parents. This describes the transition of life from a young girl to wife.

In the last stanza, the speaker describes the life of a woman after marriage. The bangle sellers are selling some purple bangles with gold and grey flecks. This colour describes the life of a woman who has journeyed through life and raised her children well, help her husband in all good and bad phase of their life. The purple colour represents the pride and honour and the grey colour represents the maturity of a middle-aged woman. The bangle seller also says that these bangles are perfect for those women who maintain their family with pride and worship the gods.

Conclusion of The Bangle Seller

The story teaches us about the various stages of a woman’s life and also represents Indian culture. This poem is all about the celebration of womanhood. This poem also describes the role of bangle sellers in the traditional setup. The speaker beautifully describes the beauty of bangles and their values to a woman’s life. It also describes the socially accepted roles of woman in different stages of their life.

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