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Treasure Trove Short Stories Summary

Summary of Treasure Trove Short Stories

In this article, you will be reading about Treasure Trove Short Stories Summary. Treasure Trove Short stories assist in learning the short stories of ICSE with no difficulty. It helps the students to properly learn and revise the lessons.  Treasure Trove Short Stories includes the following: Short Biography of the Writers, The theme of stories, Short summaries, character sketches, words to impress examiners, long essay -type questions with answers and comprehension passages with answers.


Treasure Trove Short Stories Summary in English

There is a list of short stories covered in Treasure Trove Short Stories. These include:

Chief Seattle’s Speech

Old Man at the Bridge

A Horse and Two Goats

Hearts and Hands

A Face in the Dark

An Angel in Disguise

The Little Match Girl

The Blue Bead

My Greatest Olympic Prize

All Summer in a Day

 Chief Seattle’s Story

It contains arguments that are given by Chief Seattle in Washington in the favour of native American land rights. Also, it is said to arouse the feelings of ecological responsibility.

Old Man at the Bridge

It deals with the issues of resignation, depression and approaching demise of the old man who has surrendered himself to his fate.

A Horse and Two Goats

It reflects upon many social issues. Issues of cultural differences, poverty and wealth, knowledge and wisdom, caste system, prejudices and superstitions have been directed here.

Hearts and Hands

It shows the kindness of a marshal towards his convict and a person that appearances could be deceptive.

A Face in the Dark

It could be interpreted as having the collective fascination with the darkness in his subconscious mind.

Angel in Disguise

The story gives us a powerful message that love can win even a heart of stone and its bitterness.

The Little Match Girl

It is a story of a little girl who is deprived of all joy. A story where hunger, poverty and helplessness forces a girl to sell matches at the age of going school.

Blue Bead

It is all about the heroic deed of a girl, Sibia and her innocent wish that gets fulfilled with the grace of God.

My Greatest Olympic Prize

In this story, there is an autographical account of a writer named Jesse Owens depicting true friendship and true sportsmanship. He learns to be broad-minded from his friend.

All Summer in a Day

This is a story showing the life of the children on the planet Venus, a planet of constant rain. Also, the pleasure they find on the appearance of the sun after many years. Also, it depicts the possibility of future generations to shift among planets.

Through this article on Treasure Trove Short Stories Summary, the readers could get an idea on the themes of various stories covered in the book. Readers could be familiar with the topics making it easier for them to learn and understand them.

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