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The Hundred Dresses – II Summary Class 10 English

Summary of the Hundred Dresses – II

In this article, you will be reading the hundred dresses summary. Eleanor Estes is the writer of The Hundred Dresses story. It is a story based on the real experiences of the author. In continuation of the previous lesson, “The Hundred Dresses II” discloses the fact that why Wanda Petronski had been absent from the school. The Petronski family decided to shift to a big city where no one would care about their uncommon name. The whole class along with the teacher got shocked by this news. On hearing the note, Maddie and Peggy both were worried as they understood that they would never get a chance to apologize for all the teasing that they had done. Both the girls got to know that Wanda liked them a lot. Due to this Wanda had dedicated one of the hundred dresses based on drawings to each one of them.

the hundred dresses summary

The Hundred Dresses – II Summary in English

The lesson starts with a letter received from Wanda’s father. This letter was informing the school about their decision of moving to a big city. Because there nobody would tease Wanda for her uncommon name as well her appearance. After knowing the content of the letter through the teacher the whole class was in a shock. And they realized their derogatory comments and attitude towards Wanda.

Maddie felt so bad that she is a coward and never stopped Peggy from making the fun of Wanda. This is the reason that’s why she couldn’t focus on her studies after knowing the facts. She desired to meet Wanda to clarify her stand that she never meant to hurt her feelings. So, she made up her mind to go to her house and tell her also that she has won the prize. When the school was over Maddie and Peggy both visited the residence of Wanda at Boggins Height to meet her.

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But till that date, the girl, Wanda and her family had already left from there. So, their visit was fruitless. Then both girls wrote a friendly letter to Wanda to tell her that she had won the contest. But after many days still, there was no answer from Wanda. It was the time of Christmas when Miss Mason got a letter from Wanda. Wanda had written a letter and wished Merry Christmas to all the girls. Further, she wrote that the girls could keep those hundred dresses because in her new house she will have a hundred new ones. She gifted all special drawings to Peggy and Maddie.  They accepted and pinned them in their bedrooms.

Maddie gazed for a long time at the picture and found that the face in the drawing was resembling her own face. Then she ran to Peggy’s house to see her drawing too. Peggy was also happy after getting the same in the drawing. Peggy has consoled herself that Wanda will really like them. Maddie agrees to all this and blinks away the tears which came when she thought of Wanda Petronski. There are a lot of instances in the story showing how racism affects the social and personal lives. This story is making people realize and feel about such discrimination.

Conclusion of the Hundred Dresses – II

This story is giving a message about the racial discrimination society. It is one of the ills of our society which has an adverse impact on the people.

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