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The Tale of Custard the Dragon Summary Class 10 English

Summary of The Tale of Custard the Dragon

This article is presenting the tale of custard the dragon summary in an easy way. Frederic Ogden Nash is the poet. This poem is a fantasy in verse about Belinda, who lives alone in her house with her four pets. These are a little kitten Ink, a grey coloured mouse Blink, a little yellow-coloured dog Mustard and a dragon Custard. All the people of the house pride themselves on their fearlessness and bravery. They believe the games, and they look down upon poor Custard for his timidity.

One day when a pirate arrives, only Custard is ready with a ferocious response at that moment. He gobbles the pirate up and shows his friends about bravery. After the danger is past, all again begins to boast about their courage. Custard agreed that everyone is brave more than him. But now everyone is knowing the fact as to who is brave and who is a coward.

the tale of custard the dragon summary

Central Idea of the Poem

Everything and everyone made or born in our world, no matter how small or large has a special significance. We often underestimate people by looking at their weaknesses, but they show themselves through their wits and actions. We must never look down on others. Each individual is unique in their own way; they may have various skill sets that we are ignorant of. A person whom we consider to be useless or unimportant can become a hero in unexpected and unforeseen circumstances. Furthermore, correct and timely measures are usually advantageous. In other words, a stitch in time saves nine, which also serves as the poem’s central theme.

The Theme of the Poem

The poem’s topic is that everyone has their own unique qualities and should never be judged based on their appearance. We should never make fun of somebody based on their behaviour, looks, qualities, or flaws. For they are the ones who stand tall and boldly in the face of adversity.

The Tale of Custard the Dragon Summary in English

Frederic Ogden Nash is an American poet, who is famous for his light verse. He was famous as the producer of humorous poetry. He wrote this poem ‘The Tale of Custard the Dragon” in the style of a ballad means a song that tells a story. Ballads narrate the tales of courage or heroism. Such a humorous ballad is ending with a parody.

The poem begins by introducing the poem’s main character, Belinda. Belinda lived in a little white house, with her four pets a black kitten, a grey mouse, a yellow dog, a little dragon and a red wagon too. The name of the little black kitten was Ink, the little grey mouse was Blink, and the little yellow dog was Mustard. Bu, the dragon was a coward, and Belinda called him Custard. Custard dragon was having big sharp teeth, spikes on top of him and scales underneath. His mouth was similar to a fireplace, and his nose was like a chimney. Also, he had daggers on his toes.

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Belinda believed herself as brave as a barrel full of bears. Ink and Blink were able to chase lions down the stairs. Mustard was as brave as an angry tiger. On the other hand, Custard always acted as the weakest one. Belinda always tickled Custard ruthlessly. Other pets sarcastically called him Percival means a knight of King Arthur’s court who sought the Holy Grail. Belinda and the other animals used to laugh at the dragon, who was a coward, while sitting in the red wagon (vehicle).

Whenever Custard wanted a safe cage for him, Belinda and Blink giggled to their heart’s content. Not only this, Ink and Mustard asked him how old he was that he was scared of every little thing.

Belinda and her pets were awakened one day by a nasty noise. They were all terrified at the same time. When they observed a pirate climbing through the window, Ink and Belinda both raised an eyebrow. The pirate had guns in both his hands and a knife between his teeth. He had a black beard and one of his legs was made of wood. Seeing the Pirate, Belinda started crying for help. Mustard became scared and raced away, making a lot of noise. Ink and Blink raced to their holes and hid as well. The pirate shot two bullets at Custard but they did not affect him in any cause. Only Custard fought with the pirate and ate him up in his single bite.

Belinda embraced Custard, and Mustard licked him. As the dragon devoured the pirate, Ink and Blink danced around it in delight. As Custard saved everyone, all thanked him. But in the end, they realized that they used to make fun of the dragon as he was timid. So, all of them suddenly started saying that they are braver than him and hence could have handled the situation in a much better way.  Custard’s timid ways persisted even after this daring incident. He was still pleading for a safe cage.

Conclusion of The Tale of Custard the Dragon

Here the poet was trying to say that sometimes a timid person is an actual hero in the toughest situations of life.

The Tale of Custard the Dragon Summary Question and Answer

Question 1. Why was Custard crying out for a cosy safe cage? Why is the dragon known as the “cowardly dragon”?

Answer. Custard cried out for a nice safe cage because he was shy, timid and easily startled. He is known as the “cowardly dragon” because everyone else in the home is fearless, however, the dragon is the only one who is afraid and seeks a lovely safe cage for himself. Belinda has the bravery of a barrel full of bears, Ink and Blink have the courage to chase lions, and Mustard has the bravery of an angry tiger.

Question 2. Is “The Tale of Custard the Dragon” a serious or humorous poetry to you? Give reasons for your response.

Answer. “The Tale of Custard the Dragon” is both serious and funny to us. It appears severe to us because the poor dragon is chastised and mocked by his buddies. Custard, the dragon, on the other hand, does not irritate or resist them. Instead, he flees to a more secure location. However, later in the poem, he displays his worth by saving his family members from the pirate. The poem is also amusing because the members mock and ridicule him. Furthermore, the characters and their names are really amusing. The poem also teaches us to never underestimate any shy, timid, weak, or low-esteemed individual since they may emerge as the strongest, bravest, and courageous in difficult and unforeseen situations.

Question 3. Who are the characters in this poem? Make a list of them, along with their pet names.

Answer. Belinda, a small girl, and her pets include a little black kitten (Ink), a little grey mouse (Blink), a little yellow dog (Mustard), a little pet dragon (Custard), and the poem also contains a Pirate character.

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