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For Anne Gregory Summary Class 10 English

Summary of For Anne Gregory

In this article, you will be reading for Anne Gregory summary. The poem is in the form of a conversation between the poet William Butler Yeats and a young girl Anne Gregory. Here we present For Anne Gregory Summary. The poet tells that if she finds a young boy who may be sad because of her rejection. Then it will not represent that he was a true lover. He might be in love due to her beautiful yellow hair. Therefore, the boy might be in love because of her attractive looks.

According to poet true lover will be the one who will love for the inner qualities and not for looks. Anne says that she will change her looks with hair colour into some other colour and hence she will try to become less attractive. This is because she might get true love for herself. At last, the poet explains to her that according to some religious man, only God loves us for what we are.

for anne gregory summary

For Anne Gregory Summary in English

William Butler Yeats wrote many love poems. For Anne Gregory’ is one of the best and beautiful poems by him. This poem is in the form of a conversation between a speaker, who may be the poet himself, or Anne’s lover or friend and maybe Anne Gregory herself. The other speakers may be in the belief that the young man loves Anne for her external beauty.  But here the speaker (maybe Anne Gregory) says that external beauty is not the real, and therefore young man should love her for herself only.

In this poem, the poet is presenting the description of a lover’s love for a woman. The lover may like the yellow colour of the woman’s hair. But he does not like her ramparts, means here the hair around the ear. So, the lady does not approve of his love. She wishes such a lover who loves her based on her internal qualities and not by the external and physical look. She says that her yellow hair is a temporary entity. Therefore, she may dye them into another colour like brown or black or carrot soon. And hence in this way, she may get her true love due to her internal beauty.

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Then the poet says that only God loves we all humans on the bases of our soul and internal qualities and but our body and physical features. Undoubtedly, only selfless love is true, and God only gives true love.

Poet is of the view that most people love others only because they attract them by physical qualities. Thus, the complexion of the skin and the colour of the hair may be more important for us than the ‘real’ worth of the person. It means we rarely love people ‘for themselves alone’.

Even the beautiful Anne Gregory does not want to be liked or loved for her external beauty or her rare qualities of her beautiful yellow hair. Shallow minded people only adore physical beauty. But rather we should look for spiritual beauty before falling in love with a lady. Physical beauty is just an illusion and momentary. Unfortunately, most of the people are merely attracted by the colour of the skin and hair.

Conclusion of For Anne Gregory

God never loves us for our looks and external beauty, but only for our inner beauty.

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