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Recent Indian Deals with other Countries

India is tipped to be the most growing economy in the world. Many countries have realized this and as a result, India’s relations with foreign countries have improved. For a growing economy, it is important to maintain good relations with other countries. Thus, in this article, we will understand about international relations of India with other countries. Also, we will do this focusing on some of the recent deals that India has signed with other countries.

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International Relations of India

international relations of India

                  Recent Indian deals with other Countries

India has a strong history of maintaining good relations with other countries. Also, in recent years international relations of India has been under a lot of limelight. Here are some of the recent deals that made the headlines.

USA and India signed communication capability and security agreement

USA and India have signed a COMCASA agreement that will help increase the military strength of both the nations. So, this deal was signed in the inaugural India-US ministerial dialogue that was held in New Delhi. Thus, the significance of this deal is thought to be huge for India.

Also, this concluded three out of the four foundational agreements that have been planned with the USA for years. This deal will help in facilitating high-end security level communication for the military platforms in India. Also, this will facilitate higher interoperability between the military forces of the USA and India.

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India, Afghanistan, and Iran held a trilateral meeting on Chabahar port project

In what was deemed as first of its kind, India held a trilateral meeting with Iran and Afghanistan. The meeting was for the coordination council of the Chabahar port. It was in the capital city of Iran, Tehran. Also, the agreement was signed in May 2016.

Thus, this agreement established the transport and transit corridor between the three countries. There were detailed discussions held on the full operationalization of the corridor. Thus, all the three countries were of the view that a fully operational port will promote economic development as well as the connectivity for the three countries.

Singapore and India signed a second protocol which amended CECA

India and Singapore signed a CECA agreement in New Delhi in September 2018. The protocol comprehensive economic cooperation agreement came into effect a month after the signature. Within the ASEAN region, Singapore is the second largest trading partner of India.

While for Singapore, India is the largest trading partner. Bilateral trades between both countries have gone beyond 17 billion USD in 2017. Thus, this agreement will help to boost the economy in both countries. This agreement formally brought closure to a negotiation of the second review of CECA. Furthermore, this affects the provisions between both countries.

Other recent deals of India

  • India-Nepal treaty for peace at the 9th meeting of EPG concluded at Kathmandu
  • President Ram Nath Kovind embarked on a three-nation tour in Cuba, Suriname, and Greece
  • China and India’s informal meeting held in Wuhan
  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited UAE, Palestine, and Oman in February 2018
  • India and Russia signed a comprehensive anti-terror pact

Practice Questions on International Relations of India

Q. Which two countries had discussed the COMCASA deal?

A. India and China

B. Russia and China

C. India and the USA

D. India and Pakistan

Answer: C. India and the USA

Q. The first direct bus service took off between India and Nepal in September 2018. This bus service is between which Indian state and Nepal?

A. West Bengal and Nepal

B. Mizoram and Nepal

C. Bihar and Nepal

D. Madhya Pradesh and Nepal

Answer: C. Bihar and Nepal

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