Current Affairs

Current Affairs    

There are many events that have a political or even a social significance that happens at the current time. These events are collectively called current affairs. Current affairs can be looked upon from the world point of view or from the viewpoint of a single country. Certain events that happen in a country can affect the happenings going on in other parts of the world. Hence current affairs have an important role.

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Current Affairs

The current affairs are also very dynamic in nature as they are constantly changing. Owing to this importance and dynamic nature, current affairs is a section that is present in every competitive exam. This is to test a student’s ability to be abreast of what is happening in the world.

Tips to remember current affairs

Even though it is sometimes difficult to remember all the details of the current affairs, you should understand that this section is present in every competitive exam. Here are some tips to remember current affairs.

  • Make a mind map of the different sections of current affairs. As a subject current affairs topic is very wide and varied. It can include anything from political events to sports to history to arts and even economy.
  • Be up-to-date with the latest and recent developments.
  • Co-relate with the happenings of the past events.
  • Make chronological order of events under separate headings.
  • Know the latest bank rates, inflation rates, market conditions etc.
  • Know about the contemporary themes that are affecting the world in the present day.
  • Follows regular news updates from important organizations such as RBI, Ministry of finance, external affairs, United Nations etc.
  • Finally, attempt current affairs quiz which helps you hone up your skills better.

Here are some practice questions in current affairs that will be helpful to you.

Practice Questions 

1. The Commonwealth games 2018 were hosted by which country?

  1. India
  2. Australia
  3. Japan
  4. Scotland

Ans. Option B- Australia

2. Among the following personalities, who has been conferred with the 2017 Dadasaheb Phalke Award?

  1. Vinod Khanna
  2. Sri Devi
  3. Amitabh Bachchan
  4. Rajesh Khanna

Ans. Option A – Vinod Khanna

  1. Who is the author of the book “Matamgi Manipur-The first Manipuri Feature Film”?
  1. Irom Chanu Sharmila
  2. K. Binodini Devi
  3. Bobby Wahengbam
  4. Rajen Toijamba

Ans. Option C – Bobby Wahengbam

4. From which state has India’s first high-speed electric locomotive been flagged off?

  1. Assam
  2. Arunachal Pradesh
  3. Bihar
  4. Jharkhand

Ans. Option C – Bihar

5. The 2018 women’s singles Miami Open tennis tournament was won by?

  1. Venus Williams
  2. Johanna Konta
  3. Serena Williams
  4. Sloane Stephens

Ans. Option D – Sloane Stephens

6. RBI has recently tightened the reporting norms for LRS. What does LRS stand for?

  1. Liberalized Remittance Scheme
  2. Liaison Remittance Scheme
  3. Liability Remittance Scheme
  4. Liberal Remittance Scheme

Ans. Option A – Liberalized Remittance Scheme

7. Which country is the most vulnerable country to Cyber Threats?

  1. India
  2. United States of America
  3. China
  4. Saudi Arabia

Ans. Option B – United States of America

8. The union government has constituted a committee to monitor solutions to air pollution. What is the name of the committee?

  1. Bhure Lal committee
  2. Sunita Narain committee
  3. C.K Mishra committee
  4. Harsh Vardhan committee

Ans. Option C – C.K Mishra Committee

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