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Thank You Speech for Farewell for Students and Children

Introduction to Thank you Speech for Farewell

A farewell is a very momentous day in our lives. It’s a day where we say goodbye to one part of life and welcome the next. Furthermore, after spending so many years at a place, saying thank you becomes a complex process. In such a situation, saying a simple thank you is certainly not enough.

Thank You Speech for Farewell

Furthermore, why should I say a simple thank you on this memorable occasion? Moreover, this is the last time I am addressing this school, so it has to be something special.

Acknowledging the Teachers

First of all, I must acknowledge our teachers. Furthermore, I think I speak for all the students when I acknowledge the teachers. Dear teachers, you have been the source of our education and knowledge these last several years. Most noteworthy, teachers not only educate us, but they teach us about the lesson of life.

Our teachers, over the years, have made us able to compete with the world.  Furthermore, they are the symbol of our strength. Moreover, our teachers have been the support base for us students.

Our teachers’ have sometimes been harsh in the form of strict father figures. But think about this, they were harsh only for our benefit. So, I hope none of you will carry ill-feeling towards any of our teachers even for a moment. Above all, their strictness will turn out to be a blessing for us in the life to come.

Teachers, of course, are not always strict. Furthermore, they display their generosity when they are not angry. In fact, teachers can be as generous as our mothers. Furthermore, even in their moment of anger, they never for a moment think badly for us, but only have our best interests in mind.

This day we should remember our teachers and be grateful to them. I thank the teachers for their immense hard work into making us better human. Words can never do justice to the immense contribution you have made in our lives. Furthermore, we always acknowledge you and love you, dear teachers.

I am thankful to the janitors, gardeners, security personnel of my school as well. I truly appreciate the effort they have made for us.

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Thanking Classmates and Students

How can I not mention my lively classmates and students at this important moment. Furthermore, you have made my stay at this school a memorable experience. Furthermore, the unity among the students of this school is unsurpassable. There is something special about the unity of this school’s students.

Dear classmates, you have provided me with a wonderful and delightful experience. Furthermore, I will sorely miss the time away from our school students and I am sure this is a mutual feeling we all share.

Wise individuals say that childhood friendships tend to be the strongest. With this belief in mind, I hope that our friendship will continue forever. Thank you once again, my dear students and friends, for giving me the best years of my life.

Grateful to Life

I am grateful for my life and destiny for bringing me to this school. The beautiful experience with the teachers and students is something that money cannot buy. This makes me realize that I have something special that many don’t have. Above all, in the future, I will never waste another day in my life.

A farewell is certainly one of the most noteworthy days in anyone’s life. Furthermore, thanking the various important individuals gives an extra special touch to this day. I will always remain grateful for everything that my school did for me in any way.

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