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Thank You Speech for Birthday for Students and Children

Introduction to Thank You Speech for Birthday

Thank You Speech for Birthday- Once again, it’s the day on which I was born. I would like to thank everyone present this evening for my eighteenth birthday. Well from this day onwards, I have officially become an adult.

Thank You Speech for Birthday

Now that I am an adult, everyone will expect me to behave with more maturity. So, as an act of maturity, I would like to thank everyone present this evening for attending my birthday celebration. Furthermore, it means a lot to me that you have all come out today to celebrate this milestone in my life.

My Dear Friends

My dear friends hold a special place in my life. As a teenager, I feel no regret in having spent most of the time hanging out with you guys. We as a pack of five friends have had so much fun that many of those present cannot even imagine. Furthermore, I deeply cherish our times together which we have spent together.

Now that I am 18 years of age and hopefully, you will all follow me in becoming official adults this year, let us take our friendship to the next level. Most noteworthy, let’s make a promise to never let go of this friendship no matter how difficult the future becomes. Moreover, let’s make our bond of friendship even stronger than before. Lastly, thank you, my dear friends, for the lovely presents you all have got me.

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Thanking my Parents

Dear parents, I am in this world only because of you. Furthermore, I would like to say that what you have done for the last 18 years, is truly unsurpassable. I am the man today because of your efforts. Moreover, you have spared no effort in providing me with a high quality of life.

Over the course of my life until now, you have spent a lot on me. Now, as an adult, I promise to work hard, get a good job, and provide you with a comfortable life. Furthermore, you have done so much for me, now in the future, I will take your burden.

Once again, as is your usual practice, you have come up with a wonderful present. I said to my parents that now that I am 18, you don’t need to bring me a present for my birthday. But they still have come up with a wonderful present as usual, in spite of my request not to do so.  Perhaps they will continue to do so for me every birthday.

Being Grateful to Life

On my birthday, I would like to thank life in general. I am aware that in the world, a lot of people are living in terrible conditions. Furthermore, many individuals had to face many calamities in their lives. Consequently, this makes me realize just how lucky I am.

I am thankful for the life that I have got. Furthermore, I am now going to appreciate even the simplest of things in my life. Most noteworthy, this day I promise not to take another day for granted.

Appreciating the Beautiful Gifts

Gifts are an integral of any birthday. Furthermore, no birthday can be complete without the presence of beautiful gifts. In my previous birthdays, I had received plenty of gifts. Today also, there has been no shortage of amazing gifts.

The gifts this evening have come from everyone and I am grateful to all. Furthermore, to me big or small doesn’t matter, a gift is a gift. Above all, each gift holds a special place in my heart.

Gifts give us unforgettable precious memories. Furthermore, the images of stunning vibrant gift wrappers can never leave my mind. I thank you all for making this day special with all these lovely gifts.

My birthday is certainly is a very special day in my life. What makes it really special is the presence of all the guests who are here to show me just how much they love me. Once again, I would like you to know just how thankful I am.

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