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Difference Between Data And Information

We often use the terms data and information interchangeably but that is wrong. While you think it has the same meaning, they don’t. The differences are subtle but very much significant. Moreover, to understand the difference between data and information, we need to know what they mean. Data refers to a number, symbol, character or word. When we do not put them into context, individual pieces of data rarely mean anything to us. Alternatively, information refers to data put into context. We make use of information in a significant manner. For instance, the computer can be an example of information. It makes use of scripts, software apps for turning data into information.

Definition of Data

Data refers to the collection of facts and details. It is derived from the Latin word ‘Datum’, and it means ‘something given’. Further, they include text, figures, symbols, observations and more. Moreover, we process this raw fact in order to gain information. Thus, you see that unprocessed data consist of numbers, statements and characters. In other words, it is what is we have before researcher refines it. A lot of organisations, both government and non-government, institutions and more collect data for different types of reasons, mainly scientific research.

Definition of Information

The form of data in a processed, organized, specific and structured manner is known as information. It is derived from the Latin term ‘informare’ which means ‘give form to’. Moreover, it gives meaning to the data and also enhances its reliability. Most importantly, information helps in guaranteeing to understand and also reduces any kind of uncertainty. In other words, when we transform data into information, it becomes free from all the unnecessary details or immaterial things. Thus, you see how raw data does not give meaning like information. We have to refine and clean it with the help of purposeful intelligence to turn it into information.

Difference between Data And Information

difference between data and information

Important Difference between Data And Information

Basis of Comparison Data Information
Meaning It refers to raw facts which one gathers about something and are bare and random. Information are facts regarding something put into context which are refined through processing
Nature They are text, numbers, symbols and more It is refined data
Form Unorganized Organized
Specific Data is not specific Information is specific
Based On Records plus observations It is based on analysis
Dependency Data does not depend on information We cannot process information without data
Use It may or may not come in use Information always come in use
Measurement We measure data in bits and bytes We measure information in units of time, quantity and more
Example A student’s exam score The average score of the class

More details about Data

For any research process to start, we need to collect data beforehand. Thus, you see how it plays an essential role in the statistical analysis. In other words, data denotes the facts or statistics which a researcher gathers for the purpose of analysis in their original form.

Hence, you see how data is an unsystematic fact or detail concerning something or someone. There are two types of data primary and secondary data. They divide further into qualitative and quantitative data plus internal and external data respectively.

More details about Information

After the processing and transforming of data are done in a way to make it useful, we gain information. It is a systematic and filtered form of data which is very useful.

We manipulate data through tabulation, analysis and other similar operations in order to improve the explanation and interpretation of data.

FAQs about Data And Information

Question 1: What is the meaning of the two types of data?

Answer 1: The two types of data are qualitative and quantitative. Thus, qualitative data is non-numerical data like skin texture, eye colour and more. On the other hand, quantitative data is in the form of numbers like the weight of books, number of apples and more.

Question 2: Give one difference between data and information.

Answer 2: Data is based on observation and records which we store in computers or simply memorize it. On the contrary, information refers to be more reliable than data. In other words, it is a proper analysis which researchers or investigators conduct for converting data into information.




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