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Difference Between Inhalation And Exhalation

Some of the most common confusions people face are between breathing and respiration. To understand it simply, you can say breathing involves exchanging gases. While respiration is a biochemical process. Similarly, we will study the difference between inhalation and exhalation. Thus, inhalation is when we take in air containing oxygen. Further, exhalation is when we give out air rich in carbon dioxide. They are the basic process of breathing.

Definition of Inhalation

We refer to inhalation as ‘breathing in’. It is a major part of the breathing cycle. Moreover, it is an essential process for all humans. Further, the process is autonomic and doesn’t really require any conscious control.

Nonetheless, one can control or interrupt it consciously within limits. Inhalation allows oxygen to enter the lungs so that it gets absorbed into the bloodstream. The process of inhalation is shorter than exhalation.

Definition of Exhalation

We refer to exhalation as ‘breathing out’. Thus, you see that it is the opposite of inhalation. In this movement, the air from the lungs moves out of the airways into the external environment.

The air we exhale is rich in carbon dioxide and is a waste product of cellular respiration when we produce energy. The main reason why carbon dioxide takes place is to get the body rid of carbon dioxide.

Difference between Inhalation And Exhalation

difference between inhalation and exhalation

Important Difference between Inhalation And Exhalation

Basis of Comparison Inhalation Exhalation
Meaning Process of taking air into the lungs. It’s the process of letting air out from the lungs.
Process Active process Exhalation process
Size of Chest Cavity Increases Decreases
Role of Diaphragm Contract during the process and flattens by moving down. Relaxes during exhalation and turns into dome-shaped by moving up.
Volume of Lungs Increases during the process i.e. get inflated Decreases during the process i.e. get deflated
Result Oxygen-rich air is taken in the blood. Carbon dioxide is pushed out
Role of Intercostal Muscle They relax and external costal muscles contract They contract and external intercostals muscles relax
Composition of Air Inhaled air is oxygen and nitrogen mix Air exhaled is carbon dioxide and nitrogen mix
Effect of Intercostal Muscles Rib cage moves upward and outward Rib cage moves downward
Air Pressure Decreases Increases

FAQs about Difference Between Inhalation And Exhalation

Question 1: What kind of process is an inhalation process?

Answer 1: Inhalation process is an active process.

Question 2: What is the difference between inhalation and exhalation.

Answer 2: The difference between inhalation and exhalation is that size of the chest cavity increase in inhalation and decreases in exhalation.

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