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Difference Between Pollination and Fertilization

When you study about the sexual reproduction in plants, you will come across terms of pollination and fertilization. Thus, you will learn that both of these are the two natural processes in which offsprings are produced. In addition, both of these procedures take place in all bisexual flowers. Moreover, both of them involve the male and female reproductive structure which is anther and stigma. Consequently, we get flowers as the reproductive organs of all flowering plants. The major difference between pollination and fertilization is that pollination pollens transfer from one flower to another. Whereas, in fertilization takes place after pollination is transferred successfully.

Definition of Pollination

Pollination refers to the germination of pollen on the stigma. Thus, in this process, pollen transfer from the male organ to the female organ of the same or some other flower. Anther, the male organ, is situated at the tip of a stalk which we call stamen. It produces the pollen grains which comprise of male genetic material. Further, stigma is the organ that contains the female part, that receives the pollen grains. Similarly, it is found at the tip of the female organ which we refer to as pistil. Hence, it assists in sending the sperm cell from the stigma to the ovary containing eggs or ovules.

Definition of Fertilization

Fertilization refers to the process where the sperm and egg unite. Thus, it is basically the mechanism that takes place after pollination. Moreover, each sperm and egg comprises of half of their hereditary material that unites further in order to produce a new plant. A tiny tube generates with the sperm when the pollen grain comes in contact with the stigma. In addition, the tube fits into another pipe-like structure which we refer to as the style of the female pistil. Moreover, it expands from the style to the opening of the ovary, where the sperms collect. Finally, a plant seed i.e. zygote develops when the sperm and eggs fuse completely and fertilize the egg.

difference between pollination and fertilization

Difference between Pollination and Fertilization

Basis of Comparison Pollination Fertilization
Meaning It refers to the process where pollen transfers from the anther to the stigma of a flower It refers to the process where the sperm and egg of a plant unite
Mechanism The external mechanism which occurs on the flower’s outer part The internal mechanism which occurs inside the flowers
Pollen Tube Does not form Forms to help the transfer of male gametes to the egg cell
Sequence Occurs before fertilization Occurs after pollination
Process Physical process The genetic and biochemical process
Occurrence Occurs in flowering plants only Occurs in almost every plant and living being
External factors Required Not required
Types Self-pollination and cross-pollination No type
Result It leads to fertilization It results in the formation of seeds
Agents Wind, water, birds, insects, animals Pollen tube enters the ovule

More details about Pollination

There are two types of pollination. Thus, they are self-pollination and cross-pollination. Moreover, in self-pollination, the stigma gets pollen from the flower of the same plant. It further divides into autogamy and geitonogamy.

In autogamy, pollen transfers from the same flowers to the stigma. On the other hand, the pollen transfers from one flower to the other of the same flowering plants in geitonogamy.

More details about Fertilization

Fertilization is a process that takes place deep inside the flowering plants. Moreover, double fertilization is quite a distinct process which the angiosperm pursues. Thus, during this process, out of two sperms, one sperm will fertilize the egg to form a zygote.

On the other hand, the other sperm will combine with the secondary nucleus (triple fusion) in order to form a triploid nucleus. Further, we also refer to it as the primary endosperm nucleus. Thus, when the two male gametes fuse with different nuclei of the embryo sac, it is known as double fertilization.

FAQs about Pollination and Fertilization

Question 1: What is the difference between pollination and fertilization?

Answer 1: The difference between pollination and fertilization is that pollens transfer from one flower to another during pollination. On the other hand, after pollination occurs successfully, fertilization happens.

Question 2: What are the types of pollination?

Answer 2: There are two types of pollination. They are self-pollination and cross-pollination.


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