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Difference Between Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park

Wildlife makes up for the majority of the natural heritage of our world. Due to the constant industrialization and deforestation, our wildlife faces the danger of extinction. As a result, the need for conserving and preserving this natural heritage is arising daily. Thus, countries designate wildlife sanctuaries, national parks, biosphere reserves, and more for this purpose. More than often, people confuse the terms of wildlife sanctuary and national park. Thus, this article attempts to help you learn the difference between a wildlife sanctuary and national park. Moreover, the wildlife sanctuary is an area offering protection and favorable living conditions to wild animals. On the other hand, national parks offer protection to the whole set of the ecosystem including flora, fauna, and more of that region.

Definition of Wildlife Sanctuary

A wildlife sanctuary is a place that is reserved exclusively for use of wildlife. Thus, it includes animals, birds, reptiles, insects, and more. Moreover, it offers habitat and safe and healthy living conditions for them. Most importantly, they also keep endangered and rare animals so they can lead a peaceful life while maintaining their viable population. Hence, in order to manage the sanctuary properly, they appoint rangers and guards to patrol the area. Further, it assists in the security of animals and prevents poaching, predating, or harassing.

Definition of National Park

National parks are areas which the government exclusively designates for conserving wildlife and biodiversity because of their natural, cultural, and historical importance. Further, they inhabit millions of animals, insects, microorganisms, plants of different genes and species. This way, they get a healthy and safe environment to flourish in. In addition to conserving wildlife, natural parks offer amusement of the environmental and scenic heritage. They do this in a regulated manner which does not bring any harm just enjoyment. Moreover, they highly prohibit any kind of plantation, grazing, predating, and destruction.

difference between wildlife sanctuary and national park

Difference between Wildlife Sanctuary And National Park

Basis of Comparison Wildlife Sanctuary National Park
Meaning It is a natural habitat safeguarding specific species of animals and birds It is a protected area conserving the wildlife and ecosystem and also developing them
Objective To maintain the viable population of the wildlife To safeguard the natural and historic objects of the wildlife of the region
Boundary Does not have fixed boundaries Have boundaries fixed by legislation
Preservation Animals, birds, reptiles, insects and more Flora, fauna, landscape, historic objects and more
Restrictions They have lesser restrictions and are open to the public They are highly restricted and allow access to some people only
Upgrade Can upgrade to a national park Cannot downgrade to a sanctuary
Human Activity Allowed only to a certain extent Not allowed in any case
Formation Central or State Government Central or State Legislature

More details about Wildlife Sanctuary

The government forms and maintains wildlife sanctuaries. Further, private organizations can also maintain them. While they are open to the public, it is essential for visitors to follow the rules.

In addition, most of them do not allow humans to leave the designated areas. Thus, it ensures the protection of the animals and ecosystems as well as the enjoyment of the visitors.

Moreover, it does not allow any kind of hunting or poaching. It is because they want no interference with the lifestyle of the animals here. In other words, they are also smaller than national parks.

More details about National Park

National parks are also government-owned and maintained. You will notice how most of them do not allow any involvement of humans. However, some do entertain visitors but implement rigorous rules.

Moreover, national parks will cover a broader range of protection when we compare it to wildlife sanctuaries. Thus, you see how it does not merely protect wildlife but also help them to thrive in a safe environment.

FAQs about Wildlife Sanctuary And National Park

Question 1: State one point of difference between a wildlife sanctuary and national park.

Answer 1: Wildlife sanctuaries do not have any fixed boundaries whereas national parks have fixed boundaries.

Question 2: Which was the world’s first national park?

Answer 2: The first national park in the world was founded in the year of 1872. It was the Yellowstone National Park.


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