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Aluminium Bromide Formula

This article deals with aluminium bromide formula. Aluminium bromide refers to any chemical compound whose most common form is aluminium tribromide. It is a highly water-soluble crystalline Aluminium source whose uses are suitable with bromides and lower pH. Let us study it in detail.

What is Aluminium Bromide?

Aluminium bromide is a white crystalline compound that melts into a colourless liquid. Furthermore, aluminium bromide happens to be a hygroscopic compound. The dimeric compound form mostly exists in the solid phase. Experts use this compound as a catalyst for the reaction of Friedel-Crafts alkylation reaction.

Furthermore, it belongs to a class of inorganic compounds, which experts call as post-transition metal bromides. Moreover, the largest halogen atom here is the Bromine. Aluminium bromide has whitish to yellow-red colour. Aluminium bromide is more whitish in colour when it is in a chemically pure state.

Derivation of Aluminium Bromide Formula

The formula of aluminium bromide happens to be \(AlBr_{3}\). Aluminium bromide has the characteristics of an ionic compound. Furthermore, an ionic compound is the one where there is a sticking together of charged ions. This is because of the electrostatic reaction. Moreover, the metal atom is a positively charged ion as it gives up electrons.

In contrast, the non-metal atom happens to be negatively charged as it gains electrons. Above all, in the case of aluminium bromide, all aluminium atoms give up three electrons while each bromine atom takes one electron. So, the representation of the aluminium ion is Al^{+3} and that of the bromide ion is \(Br^{-1}\).

Aluminium Bromide Formula

One requirement for ionic compounds is that they have to be electrically neutral. Furthermore, there are ions charges that have to cancel out each other. Therefore, one requires multiple ions of each so as to make the compound neutral. Most noteworthy, when we talk about aluminium bromide, one requires one aluminium ion and three ions of bromide,

\(Al^{+3}\) + \(3Br^{-1}\)\(\rightarrow AlBr_{3}\)

Hence, \(AlBr_{3}\) is the aluminium bromide formula.

Physical Properties of Aluminium Bromide

Aluminium bromide is anhydrous in nature. Furthermore, this compound appears as a white to yellowish-red lumpy solid. Moreover, aluminium bromide has a really strong odour. Aluminium bromide solution has the appearance of a light-coloured liquid. Also, this compound is extremely corrosive to the skin and eyes. The boiling point of this compound is 255 °C, while the melting point is 97.5 °C.

Aluminium bromide due to its nature is soluble in many organic solvents. Furthermore, these solvents include nitrobenzene, toluene, xylene, benzene, and simple hydrocarbons. Also, aluminium bromide fumes strongly in the air. The compound is less sensitive to oxidation in comparison to trialkylaminums. Moreover, one can heat this compound to the point of decomposition. When aluminium bromide decomposes, it emits toxic fumes of hydrogen bromide.

Chemical Properties of Aluminium Bromide

The most common form of aluminium bromide happens to be \(Al_{2}Br_{6}\). \(Al_{2}Br_{6}\) can dissociate to give strong Lewis acid, \(AlBr_{3}\). Furthermore, there is a tendency of \(Al_{2}Br_{6}\) to dimerize. Regarding this particular tendency, it is common for heavier main group halides to exist as large aggregates. These aggregates are larger than what is implied by the empirical formulae. Also, this tendency is not shown by lighter main group halides like the boron tribromide, which is because of the central atom’s smaller size.

In accordance with the characteristics of lewis acid, water hydrolyzes \(Al_{2}Br_{6}\). Furthermore, this hydrolyzation by water takes place with HBr evolution and the formation of the Al-OH-Br species. Also, it reacts with alcohols and carboxylic acids quickly.

Above all, this reaction is less vigorous compared to water. When we talk about simple Lewis bases, \(Al_{2}Br_{6}\) forms adducts. Moreover, aluminium tribromide’s reaction with carbon tetrachloride at a temperature of 100 °C results in the formation of carbon tetrabromide.

Solved Question For Aluminium Bromide Formula

Question- What is aluminium bromide and its formula?

Answer- Aluminium bromide refers to a chemical compound whose most common form is aluminium tribromide. Moreover, it is a highly water-soluble crystalline Aluminium. Also, the formula of aluminium bromide happens to be \(AlBr_{3}\).

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