Difference Between in Chemistry

Difference Between Compound and Mixture

The difference between compound and mixture plays an important role in the field of chemistry as many people can easily confuse between the two. Moreover, the mixture refers to a substance that has two or more substances mixed together physically.  In contrast, compound means a combination of two or more elements in a definite ratio. Learn more about the difference between compound and mixture to better understand the two concepts.

Definition of Compound

Compound refers to a pure form that comprises of two or more substances by way of chemical combination. A difference between compound and mixture can be seen from the fact that compounds are generally homogenous.

Definition of Mixture

Mixture refers to an impure substance that comprises of multiple physically mixed substances.  Furthermore, a mixture can be either heterogeneous or homogeneous in nature.  Moreover, the ratio of the substances present in the mixture is not of definite quantity and hence can vary.

Difference between Compound and Mixture

difference between compound and mixture

Difference between Compound and Mixture

Important difference between compound and mixture

Parameter Compound Mixture
Meaning A compound is a pure form comprising of two or more elements in a chemical combination A mixture is an impure substance involving two or more substances that are physically mixed.
Composition The presence of elements in compounds is in a definite quantity The presence of substances in mixtures is  not in a definite quantity
Formula A compound certainly has a specific formula on the basis of its constituents Mixtures are devoid of a chemical formula
Properties The properties of a specific type of compound are definite and there is no variation in them The properties of a mixture tend to vary due to their dependence on the type of substances present
Substances The formation of new substances always results in a compound because of the mixing of properties of the various elements Formation of new substances does not take place from the mixtures because the properties of its constituents are not changeable
Separation The elements of a compound are not easy to separate by physical methods The substances of a mixture are certainly easier to separate by various physical methods like chromatography, evaporation, filtration, etc
Change of heat There is a change of heat during the formation of a particular compound There is no heat change in mixtures when their formation takes place
Melting or Boiling point Compounds have an unchangeable definite melting or boiling point Mixtures lack a definite melting or boiling point
Examples of Compound and Mixture Methane, salt, baking soda, etc Brass, chromium, bismuth, etc

More Details about Compound

When the combination of two or more atoms belonging to various elements takes place, the bond which results is a compound. Here, one may ask- what is the difference between compound and element. Simply speaking, element refers to a pure substance which comprises of only a single type of atom. In contrast, a compound refers to a substance whose formation happens when multiple elements chemically unite together.

A compound is a kind of chemical blend that happens between different elements.  Also, when the bond’s formation happens, the resulting compound will have chemical properties that are different from its components or elements.

More Details about Mixture

We can observe many mixtures around us like air, rocks, lake, or the atmosphere. These have the constituents whose mixture happens with physical properties and that too in a definite ratio. Therefore, the formation of mixtures takes place due to the blending of multiple substances.

In mixtures, the occurrence of chemical reaction does not happen. Furthermore, the fusion of constituents of mixture happens in a physical manner.  So mixtures have two or more different types of molecules or at least one molecule and one atom.

FAQs about Compound and Mixture

Question 1: Explain one difference between compound and mixture?

Answer1: One difference between compound and mixture is that the compound has a definite unchangeable melting or boiling point while the mixture is devoid of it.

Question 2: Give some examples of compound and mixture?

Answer 2: Some examples of compounds are salt, baking soda, and methane. In contrast, some examples of mixtures are bismuth, brass, and chromium.

Question 3: What is a compound?

Answer 3: A compound refers to a kind of chemical blend that comes into existence due to different elements.  Also, when the bond’s formation happens, the chemical properties of the resulting compound will be different from its elements.


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