Is Matter Around Us Pure

What is a Colloidal Solution?

In this chapter of chemistry, we will introduce you to another form of matter, known as colloids and their solution, known as a colloidal solution. We are sure you know quite a bit about these solutions. However, we are going to dig further into the chapter, looking at their properties, types, and examples.

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What are Colloids or Colloidal Solution?

Colloidal solutions, or colloidal suspensions, are nothing but a mixture in which the substances are regularly suspended in a fluid. A colloid is a very tiny and small material that is spread out uniformly all through another substance.

Colloidal Solution


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Colloidal systems can occur in any of the three key states of matter gas, liquid or solid. However, a colloidal solution usually refers to a liquid concoction. The primary distinguishing feature between a true solution and a colloidal solution is fundamentally the dimensions of the constituent parts.

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Physical and Chemical Changes

True Solution and Colloidal Solution

In a true solution, like salt water, NaCl molecules are totally mixed in the water, and the solution can pass through a semi-permeable film without getting divided. On the other hand, in a colloidal solution, the units are bigger and they don’t liquefy. However, they are equally dispersed all through a liquid. As such these units will not pass through a membrane as the liquid does.

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Classification of Colloidal Solution

Colloidal Solutions are divided into the following types:

  • Foam: Foam is a solution of a gas in a liquid. The substance being dispersed would be the gas, triggering the fluid to become frothy and foamy. A sample of this would be shaving cream.
  • Emulsion: An emulsion is a combination of liquids. It is basically when one liquid is consistently dispersed all through another liquid. A sample of this would be mayonnaise or milk. Learn more about Emulsion here.
  • Sol: The third form is called a sol. A sol is a combination of a solid that is evenly dispersed throughout a fluid. Samples of sols include paint, blood and silver aquasols.
  • Hydrocolloid: A hydrocolloid is a more detailed form of a colloidal solution. In this solution, the fluid of a precise material is properly disseminated in water. Hydrocolloids are usually used in food products to influence texture, as in sauces or gelatins.
  • Reversible or Irreversible Colloids: The colloidal solutions can be additionally labeled as being reversible or irreversible. In reversible colloids, the two materials can be effortlessly divided again whereas, in irreversible ones, this is not possible.

Question For You

Q. Give two practical applications of colloidal solutions in our daily life.

Ans: In our ordinary surroundings, colloidal solutions are significant in many procedures, and can often assist as transporters. Numerous particles being conveyed through water can basically attach themselves to the units suspended in the water.

By the same process, colloidal solutions can assist in the conveyance of more harmful substances through the water table, for example, radioactive material. Colloidal solutions are very important in the medicinal field as they can be used to influence blood conditions.

More precisely, they are frequently used to control colloidal osmotic pressure, the pressure exerted by proteins in the bloodstream to entice water in the vascular system.

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