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Cloze Test

A Cloze test is an exercise where the candidate is provided with a paragraph. The paragraph has missing words or blanks which have to be filled. Sometimes the blanks will have a word in the brackets accompanying it. And the candidate will be asked to pick a word meaning similar to the word in the brackets. Here we will see all types of Cloze test questions. Not to mention, the Cloze test is a very important section. And so questions are duly expected from it in the examination.

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Types of Cloze Test Questions

The first type of questions is long passages with missing words. You have to complete the passage with the help of words that will be present at the end. Moreover, each blank in the passage is marked with a number or a symbol or an alphabet. Following the passage, the options corresponding to the number or symbol will be present.

On the other hand, in the second type of questions, each blank in the passage is accompanied by a word in brackets. You have to find out if the word needs to be replaced or not with the given options. Besides only one of the options replaces the blank appropriately. Otherwise, the blank will ‘require no change’. So, you have to choose the option that will fit in the blank. In case, there is no correction, then mark option(e) as your answer.


Cloze Test

Cloze Test Examples

Now, let us see few examples of cloze test questions.

Example 1:

Directions: Read the following text and complete it using the words given in the options.

I do remember it. And I’m grateful. But I can’t help feeling that a woman capable of taking other people’s lives and juggling with them as if they were rubber balls, as she did with ours, is likely at any moment to break out in a new place. So, my gratitude to her is the sort of (1) ______ [hat tip] you would feel toward a cyclone if you were walking home late for dinner and it caught you up and deposited you on your doorstep. Moreover, your Aunt Lora is a human (2) _____[storm]. No, on the whole, she’s more like an earthquake. As she has a habit of splitting up and altering the face of the world whenever she feels like it, and I’m too well satisfied with my world at present to (3) _____[enjoy] the idea of having it changed.”

Little by little the garrison of the studio had been (4) _______ [small slice] down. Except for Steve, the community had no regular members outside the family itself. As Hank was generally out of town. And Bailey paid one more visit, then seemed to consider that he could now absent himself altogether. And the members of Kirk’s bachelor circle stayed away to a man.

Q 1.

A) Tippy

B) Gratitude

C) Excellence.

D) Battle.

Q 2.

A) Cyclone

B) giant

C) Chin

D) Hunter

Q 3.

A) Good

B) relish

C) delicious

D) Happy

Q 4.

A) slice

B) whittled

C) Cut

D) levelled


Q 1. B) Gratitude

Q 2. A) Cyclone

Q 3. B) relish

Q 4. B) whittled


Cloze Test Practice Questions

Directions: Read the following text and complete it using the words given in the options.

He was a manly man, free from any strong (1) [mother] ________ strain, and he had loved his dark-eyed, dainty bright-coloured, and active little wife with a real vein of passion in his sentiment. But he had always felt (he had never allowed himself to think of it) that the promptitude of their family was a little (2) [insensitive]_______ of her, and in a sense an intrusion. He had, however, planned brilliant careers for his two sons, and, with a certain human amount of warping and delay, they were pursuing these. One was in the Indian Civil Service and one in the rapidly developing motor business. The daughters, he had hoped, would be their mother’s care.

Q 1.

A) maternal

B) Paternal

C) Mother

D) Childish

Q 2.

A) tactful

B) indelicate

C) insensitive

D) non-proportionate


Q 1. A) maternal

Q 2. B) indelicate

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