Reading Comprehension

Reading Comprehension Practice Questions

Reading Comprehension Practice Questions section will test your knowledge on the most important concept of the English language section. Reading comprehension is the most featured section of many exams so we have compiled a diverse section on this concept. In the following section, you will find many practice question that will allow you to get a complete recap as well as let you ascertain your level.

Reading Comprehension Practice Questions

Type I

Without water …….(1)……. animal can survive. In desert regions, the greatest …..(2)…. to life is dying up. But many creatures are able to make use of …..(3)…… little water that exists in arid areas. One of nature’s masterpieces …(4)…. creatures equipped to …..(5)….. with desert life is the hardy camels. Stories range the desert lands far and wide about ….(6)….. endurance feats by camels.  It is said that camels can …..(7)….. a distance of about 800 miles in eight days through continuous travel …..(8)….. an intake of a single drop of water. The popular ….(9)…. that camels store water in their hump is ….(10)…. in a way, water is indeed stored there but in the form of fat.

1. (a) every        (b) no          (c) any          (d) desert            (e) exceptional

2. (a) need         (b) worry    (c) threat     (d) requirement       (e) inadequacy

3. (a) what         (b) the        (c) very          (d) that             (e) extremely

4. (a) for           (b) about      (c) among    (d) with            (e) of

5. (a) live         (b) resist       (c) bear         (d) cope           (e) mix

6. (a) remarkable    (b) little    (c) tolerable   (d) popular     (e) obvious

7. (a) measure    (b) reduce    (c) lead      (d) reach      (e) cover

8. (a) for     (b) without     (c) accepting     (d) receiving    (e) except

9. (a) proverb    (b) guess      (c) belief        (d) version       (e) statement

10. (a) baseless      (b) wrong    (c) misleading     (d) correct      (e) untruthful


Find Your Answers Here

1. (b), 2. (c), 3. (b), 4. (c), 5. (d), 6. (a), 7. (e), 8. (b), 9. (c), 10. (c)

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Type II

Directions: In each of the following questions, an incomplete statement followed by some fillers is given. Pick out the best one which can complete the incomplete statement correctly and meaningfully.

Q1: He tames animals because he ……….                  (Bank P.O. 1995)

(a) seldom loves them.          (b) is afraid of them.            (c) is fond of them          (d) hates them      (e) wants to set them free.

Q2: My mother is so poor …………. (S.S.C. 1993)

(a) to send me to school.                (b) because she will not work.              (c) to get medical help for my father.               (d) that she cannot buy food for us.

Q3: “Can you lend me a pencil, please?” “…………”

(a) Yes, you can                (b) Yes, here you!               (c) Yes, here             (d) Yes, here it is!

Q4: Johnny, where are you? ………, up this tree.           (Section Officers’ 1993)

(a) Here I am.                (b) Here am I.           (c) There I am.                (d) There am I.

Q5: I don’t know the time ……….

(a) at which the accident happened

(b) the accident happened

(c) when the accident happened

(d) when the accident had happened.

Q6: How much a man earns is as important as …………… [B.S.R.B. 1996]

(a) when does he do so

(b) how does he do it

(c) where does he earn of all

(e) how well he spends it

Q7: One of you must help me, ………..

(a) Shan’t you?             (b) wouldn’t you?

(c) won’t you?               (d) mustn’t you?

Q8: He is so lazy that he …………          [Bank P.O. 1995]

(a) always extends help to others to complete their work.

(b) dislikes to postpone the work that he undertakes to do.

(c) can seldom complete his work on time.

(d) can’t delay the schedule of completing the work.

(e) can’t depend on others for getting his work done.

Find Your Answers Here

Q1: (c), Q2: (d), Q3: (d), Q4: (a), Q5: (b), Q6: (b), Q7: (d), Q8: (c)

Type III

Directions: In each question below, a theme is partially presented in two or three sentences. The complete theme comprises three, four or five logically arranged sentences. Out of these, the middle one or two sentences are not given. Three possible fillers denoted by A, B and C are given below the partially provided theme. You have to find out which one or two or either or none can fill up the gap between the given sentences in order to make the theme complete. Study the five alternatives (a), (b), (c), (d) and (e) carefully and select the best out of them.

Q1: In cultivating team spirit, one should not forget the importance of discipline. (………..). It is the duty of all the members of the team to observe discipline in its proper perspective.        [Bank P.O. 1994]

A) A proper team spirit can seldom be based on discipline.

B) It is a well-known fact that team spirit and discipline can never go hand in hand.

C) Discipline in its right perspective would mean sacrificing self to some extent.

(a) A and B only             (b) B and C only

(c) C only                         (d) Either A or B only              (e) None of these.

Q2: By reading books even our natural talents are also developed because they get inspiration from these (…………). bacon has rightly said that some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed and some few to be chewed and digested.

A) Reading is an intellectual food for the mind.

B) There is no doubt that different persons choose different books according to their taste.

C) Good and inspiring books can lead us to a noble and successful career in life.

(a) A and B only          (b) B and C only

(c) A and C only          (d) A or B and C          (e) None of these.

Find your Answer Here

Q1: (c), Q2: (c).

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