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An Angel in Disguise Summary

An Angel in Disguise Summary

In this article, you will be reading an angel in disguise summary, a short story, written by the distinguished 19th-century American author as well as editor Timothy Shay Arthur in the year 1851. The word ‘angel’ in the title of the story is used for the small girl child, Maggie. Her mother died and nobody adopted her because of her ill health. However, a kind man, Joe, brings her to his home. His wife, Mr Thompson was negative to Maggie in the beginning. Afterwards, Maggie’s innocence brings love and joy for the Thompson family, thus acting like an angel in disguise for them. Let us study An Angel in Disguise Summary in detail.

An Angel in Disguise Summary

Angel in Disguise Summary in English

An Angel in Disguise Summary is the story of a little girl, Maggie. An unidentified poor woman dies from excess consumption of alcohol. The village had outcast her due to this addiction. However,  the villagers felt sympathetic to her death. Hence, they arranged a proper funeral for her. That woman had three children. A farmer decided to adopt the eldest son John, aged 12 years, thinking he could assist him in his fieldwork. Then, Mrs Elli begrudgingly adopts Kate, who’s a few years too young to work in any factory. She complained of her being undisciplined.

However, the youngest child, Maggie, was left alone due to her poor health. She fell from a window at a very younger age. That fall damaged her spine. Thus, she was permanently bed-ridden. Everyone suggests sending her to the poor house, however, no one makes an effort to do something about it.

After the funeral, everyone leaves without even a glimpse at Maggie. However, Joe Thompson lingers. Joe works as a wheelwright in the village. He makes wooden wheels for wagons and carts. Although he looks to be a rough man, he is kind and loves children. To his disgrace, he and his wife are incapable to have kids. Maggie sees all the villagers retiring and also recognizes Joe still standing outside her hovel. She calls out for him and requests not to leave her alone.

Joe knows his wife, Jane Thompson very well. He was sure of her not being very happy to see Maggie. Yet, he carries her to his home. His thought turned true. His wife was not pleased to see her. Also, she asks his husband to get rid of her at the earliest.

In answer, he says that he had read many a time in The Bible that people helping children shan’t be unrewarded. Joe also requests her to put aside the bitterness of her heart. Furthermore, h asks her to look at the pity condition of Maggie. She is motherless, homeless and permanently bed-ridden. Although Mrs Thompson doesn’t say anything to her husband, her heart melts a little for Maggie.

Joe tells his wife that he will make errands the next day to send Maggie to the poor house. Then, he leaves for work. However, later, in the night, he sees  Mrs Thompson sitting by Maggie’s bed and talking or rather Maggie’s answering Mrs Thompson’s questions. He felt the need to keep the matter of Maggie aside. Thus, he chooses to remain quiet on this matter.

He goes to see Maggie and the theme for a bit. While having supper Mrs Thompson asks her husband as to what he’s going to do with the child. Joe tells that he would let her go to the poorhouse the next day. Mrs Thompson doesn’t say a word. However, Joe notices that years of bitterness has finally begun to fade off. She takes food for Maggie into her small room and waits for her to finish it.

The innocence, sweetness, unconditional love and gratitude of Maggie for them fills the gap that had been created in Mrs Thompson’s heart. She tells Joe about her desire to keep Maggie for a couple of days more. However, that day never came. They remain together forever, as a family.

Conclusion of An Angel in Disguise

The story gives a strong message that love can conquer anything in the world.  Unconditional Love can soften even a stone-hearted person.

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    The wonderful summary thank you for this.

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    They did not belong to the family of gorden cook and you also didn’t write the spelling correct it’s James cook 😶😑

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    What’s funny is that Miss Fairchild said the line- “Money isn’t everything. But people always misunderstand things and remain stupid-” when she herself misunderstood the situation.

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