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Patol Babu, Film Star Summary Class 10 English

Summary of Patol Babu, Film Star

This article will provide the Patol Babu summary and other details about this chapter of English class 10. Bengali filmmaker Satyajit Ray wrote this story Patol Babu, Film Star. Patol Babu, a 52-year-old man who got an offer to play a very short role as a pedestrian in a film. In his scene film superstar, Chanchal Kumar was to run into him while rushing to his office. But when he reached the place of the shooting scene, he was disappointed to know about the shortness of his scene. His dialogue was only to say the word ‘Oh!’ He wished to get away from the shooting. But due to his mentor Gogon Pakrashi’s words, Patol Babu resolved to give his best for this role and he rehearsed many times. Finally, he did his scene perfectly. Everyone appreciated his acting. Then he left the shooting scene without receiving payment.

patol babu summary

Patol Babu, Film Star Summary in English

The story relates back to the year 1934, when Patol Babu was living in Kanchrapara and was working as a clerk. He planned for his own theatrical club but he lost his job. Then for his earning he worked in a Bengali film, then worked as an insurance salesman but nothing lasted. He visited many offices for jobs but nothing worked. He was still remembering some of the dialogues of his own plays.

Meanwhile, he got an offer to work in a film. Naresh Dutt told him to report at Faraday House. Next day Naresh Dutt told Patol Babu about his role as an absent-minded pedestrian. Patol Babu was extremely happy and confided to his wife about his thoughts. His wife expressed her reservation about the unknown role, but Patol Babu was in no mood to listen.

The next morning, Patol Babu wnt to Faraday Building. He saw a big crowd and people with instruments and cameras. Naresh Dutt instructed him to wait for his turn. He felt nervousness as he had no idea about his dialogues and hence he didn’t want to make a spectacle of himself in front of others. In the meantime, the shooting started on some other scene. Patol Babu was not able to wait anymore. He went to Naresh Dutt and enquired about his dialogues. He got his dialogue written on a piece of paper. Patol Babu was really unhappy, after seeing his one-word dialogue “oh!” He had to act like an absentminded pedestrian and collide with the lead actor, Chanchal Kumar, while saying ‘Oh’ and resume walking.

He felt humiliated and let down and wanted to refuse the role. An old memory stirred in his mind. He remembered his mentor and guru, Gagon Pakrashi’s advice that as an artist one must utilize any big or small opportunity. Then he left his negative thoughts and depression and he started rehearsing all kinds of expressions of the word ‘Oh’.

Finally, his shooting started. He suggested to the director for the scene of the collision, while he had his eyes on the newspaper. A newspaper was immediately arranged and also Patol Babu used moustache on his face. During the shot, Patol Babu gave his best effort. Patol Babu was tremendously happy. He felt that his acting skills were still good even after so many years. Ten minutes later, he was missing from there, even without collecting his remuneration.

Conclusion of Patol Babu, Film Star

Personal satisfaction is more important than any financial rewards of any work and no work is insignificant to perform.

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