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The Letter Summary Class 10 English

Summary of The Letter

In this article, you will be reading the letter summary. Dhumketu is the writer of this story. This chapter is about human emotions and their importance in a person’s life. The central character in this story is Ali. Ali lived all alone after his daughter Miriam’s marriage and then he shifted to Punjab. He always waited for a letter from her daughter about her well-being. He used to visit the post office every day in the hope of her letter. At last, he went there and gave five gold coins to the clerk to deliver the letter to his grave. One day the postmaster’s daughter fell ill badly. While searching for a letter from her own daughter, he found a letter addressed as Ali. That evening both the postmaster and the clerk went to Ali’s grave to deliver his letter.

the letter summary

The Letter Summary in English

This is an emotional story of an old man, Ali. He is all alone and waiting for a letter from his daughter Miriam. But unfortunately, he got that letter only at his grave.

Ali was a brilliant hunter who derived pleasure from the scared faces of the young ones of the dying birds. His daughter got married to a soldier in a regiment in Punjab. So, she had to shift from there. Ali had to live all alone. Now he realized the meaning of love and separation, and he could no longer enjoy the hunting.

Since then, he was in habit of visiting the post office in the early morning. He was hoping for a letter from his daughter Miriam. The postman and postmaster and other staff made fun of him. Suddenly, for many days, Ali did not come to the post office. Everyone wanted to know the reason behind this.

One day when Ali came back, he tried to talk to the postmaster, who was in a hurry to leave. He behaved rudely to him. Therefore, Ali met a clerk outside the post office and gave him five gold coins. He requested him to deliver his letter, whenever it would come, to his grave. After that incident, no one ever saw Ali again.

One day, the post master’s daughter fell ill. He searched for the letter from his daughter in the heap of letters. Suddenly he picked up a letter, addressed to “Coachman Ali”. Now he understood his mistake. He asked Lakshmi Das, a clerk to find out Ali. He decided that he would hand over Ali’s letter himself.

The next morning he opened the door of the post office and saw Ali inclined on a stick with tears in his eyes. But, suddenly he disappeared. Lakshmi Das, the clerk was surprised to hear the postmaster call out the name of Coachman Ali who had no more for the previous three months. The letter was lying near the door. Lakshmi Das describes him about his last meeting with Ali to convince him.

That evening both of them visited to place the letter on Ali‘s grave. The postmaster regretted his attitude towards Ali. He was no longer ill-tempered.

Conclusion of The Letter

The conclusion of the story ‘the Letter” is that human beings are transformed into better beings by suffering.

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    What’s funny is that Miss Fairchild said the line- “Money isn’t everything. But people always misunderstand things and remain stupid-” when she herself misunderstood the situation.

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