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The Monkey and the Crocodile Summary

Summary of The Monkey and the Crocodile

The Monkey and the Crocodile Summary will take us through the poetic version of the children’s tale which has the same name. It is about a crocodile who lives in a river. He becomes friends with a monkey that lives on a tree on the river bank. Consequently, the monkey shares the fruits of the tree with his friend, the crocodile. Further, the crocodile takes a share for his wife. However, he has a greedy wife is not after the sweetness of the fruit but that of the monkey’s heart. She convinces the crocodile to bring the monkey home, which he does. But he decides not to betray his friend and tells him the truth. Thus, the monkey saves himself by making a clever excuse and ends his friendship with the crocodile. Thus, we see how the crocodile lost a friend as well as the sweet fruits.

the monkey and the crocodile summary

The Monkey and the Crocodile Summary in English 

This story tells us about the famous monkey and crocodile story in which the monkey lives alone in a tree. The tree is on a riverbank and is laden with fruits. The monkey eats the fruit of his liking to his heart’s delight.

The monkey is happy but something still feels incomplete. He does not have a friend to talk to and share the fruits with. So, he longs for one. However, one fine day, a crocodile comes there. The monkey offers him fruit to eat.

The crocodile accepts and finds the fruit to be really delicious. Thus, he begins visiting the monkey regularly and eat fruits with him. Now, their bond turns stronger and they become close. While the crocodile eats the fruits himself, he also carries some of them for his wife.

The monkey and crocodile talk about everything from birds to animals. Further, they also talk about the villagers nearby and the difficulty they have in raising good crops because of the lack of rain.

One day, the crocodile’s wife asks him about his friend. The crocodile tells her that his friend is a nice monkey who send her fruits every day. Thus, the wife expresses her wish to eat the heart of his friend, monkey.

She orders him to bring him over someday but the crocodile does not agree to it. He cherishes his friend and does not want to kill him. However, she finally manipulates him to invite him for dinner.

He goes to the river bank and invites him over for dinner for a meal. The monkey happily accepts and rides the crocodile’s back to reach the middle of the river. However, the crocodile cannot lie to him and tells him about his wife’s plan.

Soon, the monkey realizes the situation and fools him. He tells him he has left his heart at the tree so he must go back to get it. When they reach the riverbank, the monkey quickly jumps back on the tree.

Then, he bids the crocodile goodbye. This saddens the crocodile as he has lost a dear friend and he starts crying. So, we see how the crocodile never got to taste the sweetness of fruits again.

Therefore, we learn how this story teaches about different human traits through animals. Traits like friendship, betrayal, wisdom and estrangement.

Conclusion of The Monkey and the Crocodile Summary

The Monkey and the Crocodile Summary teaches us that we must never underestimate ourselves just like the monkey. Even though he did not have the upper hand, he saved himself from the situation by being wise.

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