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Chief Seattle’s Speech Summary

Chief Seattle’s Speech Summary

In this article, you will be reading Chief Seattle’s speech Summary. The speech was delivered by Chief Seattle, a public leader. Also, he was the chief of the native American (Red Indian) Suquamish and Duwamish tribes. The speech was a response to the treaty of the American Government for buying the land of native Americans. The speech throws light on the carelessness of the White people towards the environment. Moreover, it focuses on the degradation of ecological balance and a plea to protect nature. The speech is thus, acclaimed with high esteem. Let us study Chief Seattle’s Speech Summary in detail.


Chief Seattle’ Speech Summary in English

Chief Seattle began his speech expressing his concern towards nature. He was worried about environmental degradation and its probable effects on the mankind on failing to undertake effective measures.  According to him, nature has assisted him and his races for a long time. Nature has provided them will all the essentials. However, the lack of proper measures will put the future in great trouble.

Then, he ascertains his reliability by correlating his words to stars that never change. Similarly, he won’t change his standpoint in response to the land treaty. Moreover, Seattle calls the President kind as he offers friendship and goodwill.

Furthermore, he talks about the terrible condition of his people. Their population has declined over time and they have remained few. He holds the white people responsible for the unpleasant condition of the Red Indians. He criticizes them for forcing their way into the native lands, regarding themselves superior to them. Moreover, he criticises white people for their disrespect towards the land rights and cultural values of the tribals. Also, he criticises the youth of his own race for their irresponsible and insensible behaviour.

Also, he mentions about the help offered by the President if they agreed to the land treaty. The President has proposed to safeguard the women, children and the old man of the natives from the attacks of their enemies, namely, Haidas and Tsimshians. In such a case, the President would be their guardian and their father. However, he doubts that this will ever happen.

According to him, the cultural differences between the two races is the reason for the lack of mutual understanding between them. After all, they have different origins and destinies. White people have attained all the love and care of God. However, the tribal have been deprived of the same and thus come to a point of extinction.

He added that the tribals have respect for their ancestors and they visit their graves. However, the White people have no emotions of love and respect and also they don’t care about this world after their death. Therefore, they never visit their people and places again. He also adds that the religion of White People is somewhat mechanical and artificial in nature. It is not felt by the heart. However, the religion of natives is the tradition of their ancestors, their dreams.

Moreover, he prepares his people for the impending doom as no one will be spared from time, decay. It is a common fate that White men cannot defy. He still agrees to the proposal of the government. However, he says that they shall be allowed to visit the graves of their ancestors. Moreover, he warns the President to be just and must deal kindly with the people. He warned that the spirits of tribals would seek revenge if mistreated.

Conclusion of Chief Seattle’s Speech

Chief Seattle’s speech consists of arguments in support of native land rights and respect for nature. However, he hopes that their good father in Washington would safeguard them. Also, his brave warriors would prove to be a great strength.

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