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Static Awareness

Most of the competitive exams test you on your general knowledge and current affairs. However, there is also a section called the static awareness section. This is a general knowledge section. The only difference here is that the static awareness section covers most of the facts that are static or constant.

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Static Awareness

When you speak of current affairs, the information can change from time to time depending on how these events unfold. But, when it comes to static general knowledge topics, these topics remain unchanged. For example different countries and their capitals or even the regional dances, some important historical places etc.

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List of different areas under static awareness

Static Awareness

There are many areas that can be covered under this heading. Questions can be asked from any of the different areas. Here is a short compilation of the different areas that are usually asked under this section.

  • Countries, their capitals and currency
  • Constitution articles and schedules
  • Important organization in the world and their headquarters
  • National Parks & Wildlife Sanctuaries
  • Discoveries
  • Inventions
  • River and their tributaries
  • Power plants
  • Regional dances
  • Different days and their importance
  • Chief ministers of different states
  • Famous places in India and the world

Some Important firsts in India

  • Dam in India – Kallanai Dam, on the Kaveri River in Tamil Nadu.
  • Nobel Prize – 1913, Literature for Rabindranath Tagore
  • President of Indian Republic – Dr Rajendra Prasad
  • Prime Minister of Indian Republic – Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru
  • Vice President of Indian Republic – Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan
  • President of the Indian National Congress – Womesh Chandra Bannerjee
  • Women’s court in India – Malda, West Bengal
  • Woman Prime Minister – Mrs Indira Gandhi

Some International organizations and their headquarters

  • Amnesty International – London
  • Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB)- Beijing, China
  • Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) – Jakarta, Indonesia
  • International Monetary Fund (IMF)- Washington DC, US
  • World Health Organization – Geneva, Switzerland
  • United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) – New York, US
  • International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry – Zurich, Switzerland
  • Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) – Vienna, Austria
  • South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC)- Kathmandu, Nepal
  • International Court of Justice – The Hague, The Netherland

Sample Questions 

1. “The Argumentative Indian” is a book written by

  1. Amartya Sen
  2. Khushwant Singh
  3. Chetan Bhagat

Ans. Option A –Amartya Sen

  1. Where is the International Organization, Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) headquartered?
  1. Vienna
  2. Katmandu
  3. Jakarta

Ans. Option C – Jakarta

  1. Which among these is not a dance form?
  1. Kathakali
  2. Kalaripayattu
  3. Kathak

Ans. Option B – Kalaripayattu (It is a martial arts form)

Static Awareness


  1. What is the name of the e-paper launched by former President Dr APJ Abdul Kalam?
  1. Success Stories
  2. Billion Beats
  3. Daring Dreams

Ans. Option B – Billion Beats

  1. The Mughal empire in India was established by
  1. Babar
  2. Akbar
  3. Humayun

Ans. Option  A  – Babar

  1. Which among these is used in pencils?
  1. Silicon
  2. Charcoal
  3. Graphite

Ans. Option C – Graphite

Practice Questions

1. The first woman to have got the Nebel prize was?

Ans. Marie Curie. She won the Nobel Prize in Physics in the year 1903.

2. Is Xenon a noble gas?

Ans. Yes, Xenon is a noble gas, which was discovered by Sir William Ramsay and Morris Travers.

3. What is the currency of Spain?

Ans. Euro.

4.  Yellowstone National Park is located in which country?

Ans. It is located in the United States of America.

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