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Difference Between Afforestation And Deforestation

Afforestation is defined as the process of planting the trees in a previously infertile environment. It is done to control carbon footprint and to improve the longevity of the natural environment. Deforestation is defined as the destruction of trees and forests for human residency and use. This is a result of globalization, industrialization, and urbanization.  Let us unfold more key points, that exhibit the difference between afforestation and deforestation.

Difference Between Afforestation And Deforestation

difference between afforestation and deforestation


Afforestation Deforestation
Afforestation is defined as the planting of the forests in a land which was formerly infertile. Deforestation is defined as the depletion of the forests for human and commercial uses.
It is so important that if we want life on this planet, we need trees. It is extremely harmful, for the entire environment.
It owns a positive impact on the overall ecosystem. It owns a negative impact on the overall ecosystem.
Afforestation helps in converting a waste barren land into a greener pasture. Deforestation is highly undesirable and converts a green land into barren.
This results in maintaining favorable temperature in the environment, more rainfall, providing habitat for wildlife, preventing soil erosion and others. This results in damaging the environment increasing global warming.
Afforestation leads to an increase in oxygen, which further improves the ecological balance and temperature. Deforestation leads to an increase in carbon dioxide, which further results in the greenhouse effect and global warming.
Embracing afforestation includes planting more trees in an area where there was no previous tree cover. Deforestation includes urbanization, industrialization, wood collection, forest fires, and some mining activities and others are its popular causes.
It should be embraced and increased. It should be reduced or stopped.


Afforestation is the process of planting trees or the establishment of a forest or forestation in an area where there was no previous tree cover.

The programs of afforestation are carried out by many government and non-governmental organizations to create forests. This helps in increasing the carbon capture from the environment. Sometimes special tools, like tree planting bars, are used to make the planting of trees even faster and easier.

The rate of net forest loss decreased substantially as compared to the previous rates. This rise in the afforestation is due to an increase in forest area and a reduction in deforestation in some countries and the natural expansion of forests.


Deforestation is the removal of a forest or stands of trees from the land which is further turned into a non-forest use. It is also known as clearance, clearcutting, or clearing of the forest. Deforestation includes the conversion of forest land to urban use, farms, or ranches. The most intensive deforestation takes place in tropical rainforests. The earth consists of about 31% of the land surface covered by forests.

The primary reason for deforestation is to increase the growth of agriculture. In this process of deforestation, the trees are cut down and used for building material like timber or sold as fuel. Sometimes it is sold in the form of charcoal or timber, whereas the land after cleaning is used as grazing land for animals and agricultural crops.

Disregard of careless forest management, and lacking environmental laws are some of the factors that lead to large-scale deforestation. deforestation including both naturally occurring and human-induced is an ongoing issue in many countries.

The removal of trees or clearing of the forest without enough reforestation leads to habitat damage, biodiversity loss, and aridity. Deforestation causes disappearance, changes in the climatic conditions, erosion, and displacement of populations.

Deforestation also has disadvantageous impacts on the biosequestration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. This results in increasing the negative feedback cycles contributing to global warming.

Global warming also affects different communities who seek food security by clearing forests for agricultural use and reducing fertile and productive land more generally. Deforested regions generally suffer other important environmental effects such as unfavorable soil erosion and degradation into the wasteland.

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