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Difference Between Signs And Symptoms

We often use the terms ‘signs’ and ‘symptoms’ interchangeably, which is wrong. They are two very different things which we must use correctly. It is quite common for a non-medical person to get these words wrong, but this article will help clear it. In other words, signs are something which doctors and other people observe. On the other hand, symptoms are something a patient notices on their word. While it is true that these terms are interrelated but there is a huge difference between signs and symptoms. One of the main difference is in terms of features. For instance, a doctor prescribes blood tests, x-ray, checking pulse rate, which indicate the signs of disease. And, the patient who feels body pain, fatigue, headache can term them as symptoms.

Definition of Sign

If we look at the general meaning of a sign, it will mean to denote or provide information about something. However, medically, the sign means to gain actual information about a certain disease or illness.

The doctors or health care professionals ask for symptoms from the patient as well as use other measurable methods like blood test, pulse rate check, X-ray and more. One can observe signs by feeling, hearing or seeing them and it is the objective evidence of disease.

For instance, swelling, bleeding, fractures, these all are examples of signs. Thus, signs physically demonstrate a disease which others are able to detect.

Definition of Symptom

Symptoms are something which only the patient can experience. In other words, it is like a type of report which the patient provides to the doctor. Consequently, based on that, the doctor diagnoses the patient.

Unlike signs which are objective, symptoms are subjective as only the person can feel it. For instance, headache, nausea, shivering, body ache, muscles fatigue, and more and all examples of symptoms.

In fact, one can also consider symptoms to be an indication of certain diseases. Most importantly, they are not visible to others. Regardless, it is important to not ignore them and take them seriously. If you notice any, it is advisable to consult a physician.

Difference Between Signs And Symptoms

difference between signs and symptoms

Important Difference between Signs And Symptoms

Basis of Comparison Signs Symptoms
Meaning It is evidence of disease that means it is observed by others. It is evidence of diseases which only a person can feel.
Nature Objective Subjective
Observation Method Visible and observable by health care professionals Experienced by the sufferer or patients who experiences symptoms
How to Check Can measure by checking temperature, taking X-ray, monitoring pulse rate, blood test and more. Cannot be measured as the person only feels them.
Types Three types: Anamnestic signs
Prognostic signs
Diagnostic signs
Three types: Chronic symptoms
Relapsing symptoms
Remitting symptoms
Example Cancer, AIDS, Asthma, Tuberculosis which health care professionals can specifically diagnose Body pain, headache, itching, nausea, felt by the sufferer or patient only.
Visibility Visible Vague

More details about Sign

There are three kinds of medical signs. They are anamnestic, prognostic, and diagnostic signs. Firstly, the Anamnestic signs refer to the past experience of the disease or conditions. For instance, a paralysis stroke, heart attack.

Further, Prognostic signs are ones that predict future disease. In other words, the doctor predicts the chances of occurrence of disease after observing the signs and symptoms.

Finally, Diagnostic signs are ones which indicate the actual disease from which the patient is suffering presently.

More details about Symptom

There are three kinds of medical symptoms. They are chronic symptoms, relapsing symptoms and remitting symptoms. Firstly, chronic symptoms are the types of symptom where there is a long-lasting pain, that does not go away like in cancer, AIDS, asthma.

Relapsing symptoms are the symptoms which reoccur after they disappear in the past. For instance, multiple sclerosis and cancer are examples of symptoms. Finally, there is remitting symptoms are ones that get completely escape from the body.

FAQs about Difference between Signs And Symptoms

Question 1: State one difference between signs and symptoms.

Answer 1: One difference between signs and symptoms is that signs are objective and symptoms are subjective.

Question 2: What are the three types of symptoms?

Answer 2: There are three kinds of medical symptoms. They are chronic symptoms, relapsing symptoms and remitting symptoms.

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