Unseen Passages

Unseen Passages in Bank exam occupy a major share in the English Section. Also, the Unseen passages with questions and answers following them constitute one of the highest weightage in the exam. To get expertise in it, one needs to attempt as many passages with questions and answers so as to get a clear understanding built up on how to approach the questions and answer them for different types of English RC or Unseen Passages.

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Tips for Unseen Passages

Some of the key tips to crack English Unseen passages:

unseen passages

  • Read English Newspaper Editorials and Articles. It will help you get clarity on English Reading Comprehension passages with questions and answers that you should give to the questions.
  • Go on online and offline mediums to find as many unseen passages you can find to practice. Practice really is the key here.
  • After going through the English Reading Comprehension passage with questions visualize the answers, figure out how should they be. That visualization will lead you further towards the answer in the passage. Time is the essence here.
  • Make a summary of the English RC Passage with questions and answer them deploying your best efforts. Check your answers and match them with model answers. Please note that your RC Passage summary should be one third of the passage size
  • Check that all the key points are covered in the summary of RC passage
  • Improve your reading speed for English Reading Comprehension passages with questions and answers also

Ideally, a single unseen passage with 5 to 6 questions should not take more than 15 minutes of your time to answer. If it does, don’t waste more than an extra minute on this.

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Let’s exercise a few questions on unseen passages

The culture of nuclear families is in fashion. Parents are often heard complaining about the difficulties in bringing up children these days.

Too much of freedom in demand, too much independence; overnight parties; excessive extravagance, splurging pocket money; no time for studies and family all this is a common cry of such families.

Aren’t parents, themselves, responsible for this pitiful state? The basic need of a growing youth is the family, love, attention, and bonding along with moral values. One should not forget that ‘charity begins at home’.

Independence and individuality both need to be respected, in order to maintain the sanctity of family. Children, today are to be handled with tact in order to bridge the ever-widening generation gap.

Only the reasonable demands need to be fulfilled, as there are too many expenses to be met and top many social obligations to be taken care of by the parents.

Our forefathers lived happily in joint families. Children loved to live with their cousins, learned to adjust within means. They had perfect harmony between the generations.

There never existed the concept of old-age homes. There was a deep respect for the family elders and love, care, and concern for the youngsters. Even the minor family differences were solved amicably.

Unseen Passage with Question and Answers


  1. Mention any two major common concerns of a nuclear family.
  2. Who, according to the passage, is responsible for them?
  3. Explain the expression ‘charity begins at home’.
  4. Describe the atmosphere in joint families.
  5. Which word in the passage means ‘Holiness of life’?


  1. Too much independence and no time for studies and family.
  2. Parents themselves.
  3. The parent should not forget that it is in giving that one receives.
  4. In joint families, children get a friendly atmosphere and they also learn to adjust within means.
  5.  Sanctity
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