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Ice-cream Man Summary for Class 5 English

Summary of Ice-cream Man

Ice-cream Man is a poem that tells the readers about the most loved person of children during summers, the ice-cream man. The poem is written by Rachel Fields and tells the readers about the happiness he brings during hot summer days. Moreover, the poem also gives a perfect description of children’s love for ice-creams and the joy it brings. In addition, it also describes the cart of the ice cream man and the different kinds of ice-cream he brings. Thus, it is a very enjoyable read which makes children experience the joy they themselves get to feel whenever they see any ice cream man during summers. The poem has also got quite a nostalgic ring to it in the way it illustrates the behavior of little children whenever the ice-cream seller arrives. Therefore, this poem is also very apt and true in every sense.

Ice-cream Man Summary in English

In this poem, we study how ice-cream sellers bring joy to little children all around. The poet talks about the sunny days in summers when it is too hot outside. It explains how the ice-cream man brings a sigh of relief for the little children in this weather. This poem talks about his visit to the streets and going around spreading joy in every lane.

Further, the poet goes on to describe the little cart of the ice cream man and how it has a round umbrella over it. She tells us through her poem the immense joy the ice cream man is bringing to the children. In addition, how he also saves them from the scorching heat by giving them ice-creams to savor.

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Moreover, she also discusses the way he fills cones with loads of ice cream. She also tells us how his generous servings of ice cream are a joyful sight for all. Other than that, the poem speaks about the variety of flavors the ice-cream man brings for all like strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, and more.

What is more, the poem goes on to list down the other kinds of things he is selling which are cold drinks. We learn the ice-cream cart also contains colorful cold drinks in various colors like green, orange, pink, and more. These bottles are filled with frosty-fizz which are also children’s favorites.

At the end of the poem, the poet draws an analogy between the ice-cream man’s cart and a flower bed. She writes that it might be a flower bed which contains roses and sweet peas. This is because as honeybees attract to a flower bed, similarly, the little children surround the ice-cream cart

Thus, we see how this poem very simply and effortlessly sums up the role of ice-cream sellers during summers. Moreover, it also tells us about the happiness they bring with them for little children. This allows them to enjoy a cool treat in the heat.

Conclusion of Ice-cream Man

The poem of ‘Ice-Cream Man’ is all about the love children have for ice creams and the ice cream man. It perfectly describes the way his visit brings joy to them in the scorching heat and everyone gets a break to cool down during the summers.

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