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Wonderful Waste! Summary for Class 5 English

Summary of Wonderful Waste!

Wonderful waste is a story that tells us about the origin of the famous dish from Kerala known as Avial. Moreover, this story also tells us how we can utilize waste by getting creative. The story is about a cook in a palace who is faced with a dilemma of using up the waste which the king demanded. Thus, it tells us how he incorporated his creativity and made use of waste and turned it into something absolutely wonderful. Further, this story throws light on the famous dish, Avial, in Kerala and how this incident led it to become a traditional Kerala feast. Other than that, it also contains the ingredients the cook used in his dish along with the waste materials. All in all, it is quite an interesting read which will make students appreciate even the waste products and get creative with them to avoid unnecessary wastage.

Wonderful Waste! Summary in English

The story is set in the Kingdom of Travancore in India. The king of the place is organizing a feast in his palace. Thus, the cook is busy in the kitchen with the preparations for it. In order to make sure everything is being prepared in full swing, the king decides to go in for inspection. When he pays a visit to the kitchen, there is something odd that catches his attention.

He finds a lot of vegetable scraps in a basket which was of no use and treated as waste. Upon seeing this, the king orders the cook to not waste those scraps. Instead, he commands him to make use of them in a wise manner. Thus, it leaves the cook confused and baffled.

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However, upon thinking hard, he does not reach a conclusion easily. All of a sudden, a rather interesting idea comes to his mind. He takes up all the vegetable scraps and washes them and cleans them properly. Then, he starts cutting them into long strips. After all this, the cook tosses them all in a pot and lights to fire to cook it.

To these scraps, he goes on to add grounded coconut, green chilies, and garlic plus salt. This enhances the flavor of the dish and he cooks it well. After that, the cook whips some curd and adds it to the boiling curry. Moreover, he also pours a few spoonfuls of coconut oil. These entire flavors combine to give the dish a nice aroma and look.

Finally, he garnishes the dish with curry leaves. And it is ready at last and everyone ends up liking the dish a lot. Thus, the cook names this dish Avial which goes on to become popular all over Kerala. And now, it is a part of a traditional Kerala feast which was once waste.

Conclusion of Wonderful Waste!

The story of Wonderful Waste tells us a great deal about recycling and how we can get creative and not let anything go to waste. Moreover, it also takes us into history and the origin of the famous dish of Kerala known as Avial.

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  1. Tanjil says:

    The wonderful summary thank you for this.

  2. Niharika negi says:

    They did not belong to the family of gorden cook and you also didn’t write the spelling correct it’s James cook πŸ˜ΆπŸ˜‘

  3. hmMmm says:

    What’s funny is that Miss Fairchild said the line- “Money isn’t everything. But people always misunderstand things and remain stupid-” when she herself misunderstood the situation.

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