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Mrs Packletide’s Tiger Summary Class 10 English

Summary of Mrs Packletide’s Tiger

In this article, you will be reading Mrs Packletide’s tiger summary. The author of this beautiful story is Hector Hugh Munro. The story is about Mrs Packletide and her wish to outdo her neighbour, Loona Bimberton. In the story, she comes to know that an Algerian pilot carried Loona for eleven miles in an aeroplane. This makes her very jealous of Loona and she decides to somehow run down her experience. She thus plans to kill a tiger and show off its skin. In this plan, she includes Miss Mebin, a paid friend. She shots a tiger dead with the help of the villagers. But, later on, Miss Mebin finds that the tiger died due to the heart attack.


mrs packletide's tiger summary


After this, she blackmails Mrs Packletide to but her a cottage. Mrs Packletide surrenders to her demand. Later, Mrs Packletide throws a party in the honour of Loona Bimberton in order to flaunt the tiger skin. But, Loona did not turn up for the party. In the end, Mrs Packletide regrets her behaviour.

Mrs Packletide’s Tiger Summary in English

This is a story of envy and how one has to pay a price for it. Mrs Packletide is always envious of her neighbour Loona Bimberton. They both try to compete with each always and show each other down. The story begins when Mrs Packletide comes to know that Loona flew for eleven miles in an aeroplane to hunt a tiger and also that her pilot was an Algerian man. This adventurous experience or achievement of Loona was the talk of the town. Being jealous, she decides that she shall also hunt a tiger, get the tiger skin and click a lot of pictures of the hunt. Her idea was to get the photographs published in the newspapers and gain publicity.

In this way, she could outshine Loona. Loona was no less. She was also similar to Mrs Packletide in that respect and would always show off. Now, Mrs Packletide makes a plan to hunt the tiger. She offers one thousand rupees to the villagers to help her hunt the tiger and get the tiger skin. For this purpose, she took a paid companion, Miss Mebin along with her.

The villager in the greed of money made arrangement of an old and feeble tiger that was easy to shoot. They left the goats in the jungle as food thereby restricting it to the jungle. The children also were guarding the boundaries so that the tiger may not escape. They also built a platform on a height from where Mrs Packletide can easily shoot the tiger. The villagers also placed a goat as bait at the perfect spot.

On the decided night, Mrs Packletide and Miss Mebbin sat hidden on the platform built on the tree. The goat was bleating in a loud voice. Soon, the tiger came and was walking towards the goat. On this sight, Mrs Packletide fired a shot from her rifle and the tiger died. She was happy and also the villagers were celebrating. But, Miss Mebbin noted that the bullet had not hit the tiger but the goat. The tiger actually died due to a heart attack and had no wound on its body. This made Mrs Packletide unhappy but then she did not bother as she got the tiger skin. The villagers also agreed to keep this a secret.

Her photographs were published in two weeklies and she became famous. Loona did not go to the lunch party in her honour but had to accept the tiger-claw brooch. Looking at the publicity of Mrs Packletide, Miss Mebbin blackmailed her. She asked her for the money to buy a weekend house. Mrs Packletide had to fulfil her demand. Miss Mebbin named the house as ‘The Wild Beasts’.

Later, Mrs Packletide regretted her act of hunting and admitted that she had to pay heavy costs for it.

Conclusion of Mrs Packletide’s Tiger

The story teaches us that we should not be jealous of other person’s accomplishments and should not compete with them as this may turn out to be an expensive affair.

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