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The Frog and the Nightingale Summary Class 10 English

Summary of The Frog and the Nightingale

This article is for the poem The Frog and the Nightingale summary by Vikram Seth. In a forest Bingle Bog, there lived a frog who always sang with his annoying voice. Other animals hated his voice. But the frog kept singing. One night in Bog a nightingale came and started sweat singing. The whole bog admired nightingale. This made the frog jealous. The frog said that the tree belongs to him. He is famous for his fine sound and his own songs. Nightingale asked him about her singing. The frog said that it was not too bad but she needs a more powerful technique. Frog started giving training to her. Due to excess practice of singing, she grew weak. At last, she died due to a vein burst. The frog said that she was a foolish bird and she should know that one’s song must be one’s own.

Frog and the Nightingale

The Frog and the Nightingale Summary in English

This poetry describes how a frog exploits a nightingale to earn the money.  It shows how the bad training given by the frog causes the death of the nightingale.

Once upon a time, a frog croaked in the forest called Bingle Bog. Other animals hated his voice but all are forced to listen. The loud and unpleasant voice of the frog continued from the sumac tree. All efforts were wasted, but not able to stop him from his strong determination. One night, one nightingale came there at the sumac tree and started singing. Everyone in the bog clapped and admired her melodious voice. But the frog feared that now no one would hear him anymore. The frog was not happy with the nightingale.

Next night as she was ready to sing, the frog interrupted and introduced himself as the owner of the tree. Frog told that he is famous for his splendid baritone. As a critic, the frog said that her song was not too bad but was very long. The technique was good but the song lacked power. Nightingale flattered with his reputed critic about her art.  Frog took her into confidence and made an evil plan to get rid of her.

He became her trainer and made her sing excessively for many hours. He started pointing out her mistakes and drawbacks unnecessary and falsely. The nightingale received a response from miles gathered around to listen to her sweet song, and the frog took the money as an admission fee. But the strain of training and singing was too much for such delicate and innocent bird. She grew sad and tense. The frog scolded her badly and said that she could not sing sweetly anymore. The nightingale had to bear all such exploitation. She lost the sweetness of her voice. Animals stopped coming to hear her singing at the concerts.

The frog was very angry due to her failure. He asked her to puff her lungs to show the power and effort. The innocent nightingale puffed up, but her vein burst and finally she died.  Cunning frog described her as a stupid creature. The frog said that she was nervous, tense and prone to influence. The frog got the victory and started his unpleasant singing in the Bingle Bog.

Conclusion of the Frog and the Nightingale

The moral of this story is that one should have confidence in oneself and believe in one’s own talent.

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    The wonderful summary thank you for this.

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    What’s funny is that Miss Fairchild said the line- “Money isn’t everything. But people always misunderstand things and remain stupid-” when she herself misunderstood the situation.

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