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Nine Gold Medals Summary

Summary of  Nine Gold Medals

Nine gold medals is a poem written by David Roth, an American rock vocalist. Nine gold medals summary encourages human compassion and cooperation. It draws inspiration from the nine differently-abled athletes in a Special Olympic event. Further, it is about a race which takes place between these runners. One runner fell to the ground and upon seeing this, all the others stopped running. They went back and helped the one who fell down stand up on his feet. After that, all of them walked hand-in-hand to finish the race. Thus, seeing this gesture, all of the athletes were awarded a gold medal. It recognized all of them for their exceptional show of empathy and compassion.

nine gold medals summary

Nine Gold Medals Summary in English 

The first stanza starts by telling us how there are many athletes present to participate in the Special Olympics. They have come from all over the world and in numerous countries. The medals they are competing for are gold, silver and bronze. Further, it tells us the rigorous training these athletes go through for many months in order to partake in these events for winning a medal.

Further, the second stanza takes us through the large audience which is present there as it cheers on for the participants. We see how they cheer on through the day and enjoy merrily. Finally, the last event arrives, which is race. It is one of the most awaited events.

The announcers have announced the names of the runners who are going to participate in this hundred-meter race. In total, nine people are participating and all of them wish to win as they line up behind the starting point. All of them are now waiting for the sound of the gun.

As the pistol explodes, it is a signal for the race to begin. Thus, all the runners charge ahead along their particular tracks. However, an unexpected incident occurs. The shortest athlete stumbles and staggers and eventually, falls on his knees to the ground.

The next stanza takes us through the emotions the differently-abled athlete experiences when he falls. How frustrating it is to go through this after training rigorously for such a long time. As he falls, he sees his dreams and aspirations come crashing down. Thus, he lets out a cry because of the pain and frustration.

However, the scene does not end there. A strange thing happens after he falls. The other athletes who are ahead of him stop and return one by one. They do so to help him out and make him stand up on his feet. At this point, they see past all their hard work and training throughout these years.

After picking him up, they join hands and start walking towards the finishing line together. So, you see how they reduced the hundred-meter race to a walk. However, it was better because we got to see the grand demonstration of human compassion, teamwork and sportsman spirit.

Finally, the last stanza tells us that as the athletes ended the race together, hand in hand, they all win nine gold medals. Everyone gets one as they deserve it. With their smiling faces, the sportsmen stand together under the banner of ‘Special Olympics’.

Seeing all these athletes smile heartily touched the heart of the audience. In other words, the gesture delivered a special message as well as a great lesson. So, the poet feels this mere poem cannot do justice to the whole experience.

Conclusion of Nine Gold Medals Summary

Nine gold medals summary tells us about the spirit of sportsmanship and compassion. Moreover, it also explores human kindness and empathy. All in all, all the athletes justified the true meaning of Special Olympics.

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  1. Tanjil says:

    The wonderful summary thank you for this.

  2. Niharika negi says:

    They did not belong to the family of gorden cook and you also didn’t write the spelling correct it’s James cook 😶😑

  3. hmMmm says:

    What’s funny is that Miss Fairchild said the line- “Money isn’t everything. But people always misunderstand things and remain stupid-” when she herself misunderstood the situation.

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