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A Tale of Two Birds Summary

Summary of A Tale of Two Birds

A tale of two birds takes us through the famous folk tale which dates all the way back to ancient India. It is a story which revolves around a family of birds. Due to a thunderstorm, the mother bird dies and the wind blows away the two birds and separate them. One falls near a cave of robbers while the other falls near a Rishi’s ashram. A king visits the area near the cave and sits down under the tree close to it. However, he gets shocked when he hears a bird calling out robbers to rob the king and his jewels. He flees and reaches the Rishi’s ashram where a similar-looking bird welcomes him. Thus, the Rishi tells him that how our company can make us or break us. A tale of two birds summary will help you understand this story in a detailed manner.

a tale of two birds summary

A Tale of Two Birds Summary in English 

A tale of two birds summary is about a mother bird who lives in a forest. She has two babies who are new-born that also live with her. The nest in which the mother bird lives is in a tall tree.

On a stormy night filled with thunder, lightning and rain, the wind starts blowing fiercely. It causes the tree to fall down which result in the death of the mother bird. Consequently, the wind blows away the little birds.

After the storm passes, one bird finds itself near a cave. Near that cave, lives a gang of robbers. On the other hand, the second bird fell a little distance away, near the ashram of a Rishi.

Thus, the storm separates the two little birds. So, in order to survive, the first one makes their home on a tree which is near the cave of the gang of robbers. Whereas, the second one makes their nest on a tree near the ashram of the Rishi.

As time passes by, the little birds turn young. On one fine day, a king is visiting the area nearby as he follows a deer. This tires him and he decides to get off his horse and rest near the cave.

To his surprise, when he rests, he hears a bird’s voice. The big is brown in colour and it starts calling out to robbers. It invites them to come and snatch the jewels of the king and steal his horse.

This scares the King and he flees the area as soon as possible on his horse. He reaches the Rishi’s ashram soon and sits down under the tree once again to rest. What happens next surprises him.

He hears a bird which welcomes him and asks him to take rest inside the ashram. He looks at it and remembers it resembles the same brown bird which he saw earlier near the cave. Thus, it confuses him how similar-looking birds can be so contrasting in nature.

The Rishi clears his confusion and tells him that the one outside the cave was this bird’s sibling. He tells the king that they have different nature because they grew up with a different company.

As the first one grew up with robbers, so he talks like that and vice versa. Finally, Rishi says that our company matters and determine our nature.

Conclusion of A Tale of Two Birds Summary

A Tale of Two Birds Summary teaches us that we must make friends with good-natured people. If we live in the company of bad people, we will also turn out like them. But, if we stay with good people, we can build our character.

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