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The Dear Departed Summary Class 10 English

Summary of The Dear Departed

In this article, you will be reading about the dear departed summary. The Dear Departed is a drama by Stanley Haughton. The poet uses many literally devices to criticize basic human characteristics. He uses a combination of dramatic irony, sarcasm, simultaneous speech, humour and twist in the drama to criticize human traits. Moreover, the characters in the story are two – dimensional and there is no development. This allows us to look through the character and understand their actions. In this short play, Haughton manages to portray irony in several different ways. Firstly, the title is irony in itself. It depicts that the departed, Abel Merryweather, was not one bit dear and precious to them. The only thing that the sisters were interested in is the money or valuables he owned.

the dear departed summary

The Dear Departed Summary in English

The play depicts a tragic situation that has become very common in today’s world. He presents the idea of degrading moral values in the middle class. The children have no feelings for their parents. Moreover, they just try to grab the belongings of their father. They have no sense of responsibility, no love for their old-aged parents.

At the beginning of the drama, Mrs. Slater, elder daughter of Abel Merryweather goes to offer something to him. However, she finds him quite cold. Moreover, he was not responding. Thus, she declares that their father is no more. Accordingly, she informs her sister and her husband ( the Jordans) about the sad demise of their father. They expected Jordans to join them in the process. They started using the belongings of their father. Victoria, who was an obedient child had a genuine love for her grandfather. She didn’t like all that but still, she was reluctant to help her parents.

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Victoria’s parents asked her to keep a watch at the door and inform her mother when Jordans arrive. She was not willing to share her father’s belongings with her sister. Jordans arrive and the family members start a detailed discussion of the deeds of their father. Moreover, they started planning to announce the same in papers. Also, they were keen to receive insurance premium payment.

Surprisingly, the play witnesses a turn of events here. Victoria goes to her grandfather’s room. However, she returns very scaredly from the room. She tells that grandfather is alive. Furthermore, grandfather walks downstairs. He was surprised to see the Jordans there too. No-one dared to tell him that he was declared ‘dead’. However, the truth comes out at the tea-time. He gets to know how his daughters were in a hurry to grab his belongings. On knowing this harsh reality, the grandfather decides to live separately. He didn’t want to live with any of his daughters. Moreover, he expresses his final intention to change his will.

He declares that he will marry Mrs. Shorrocks and give all his belongings to her. He felt that by marrying Mrs. Shorrocks he will have someone to look after him with the feelings of genuine love. Also, she will not consider him a burden.

Conclusion of The Dear Departed

The play brings out the harsh reality of dying love and absence of moral values in the children. Also, children of today lack their sense of responsibility.

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