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The Lazy Frog Summary for Class 5 English

Summary of The Lazy Frog

The poem is about a lazy frog that does not do anything all day long. It tells us about what a lazy person does all day. The poem manages to give it a humorous tone through the frog’s behavior. It will let readers know about what all a lazy frog does all day long. Moreover, it also shows us his relationship with his mother. In other words, for a lazy person, all people are the same. They won’t do any work for anyone, whether they are their mother or not. In fact, the poem is a great reflection of many young lazy people in today’s world. It shows us the lives of lazy people who lead from a different perspective. Thus, it is a great reminder for all of us to not become like the lazy frog. Instead, we must try to avoid it and finish our tasks on time.

The Lazy Frog Summary in English

The poem begins by telling us about a frog who is pretty lazy. The poet has given the frog the name of Fred. We learn about what Fred does all day. Moreover, it shows us how the frog wastes his time without doing anything constructive. Fred is always lolling upon a log throughout the whole day.

Moreover, he does not do any work and manages to avoid any responsibility which may be for him. We learn that Fred does not do even s single stroke of work. This behavior of Fred always troubles his mother. The poor mother is getting old and wants Fred to help her with work. However, this does not seem to bother Fred at all.

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He does not understand his responsibility and manages to get away with anything. The mother keeps calling Fred to do some work and help her. However, he avoids this as if it does not bother him at all. In fact, he does not even move two inches from his place. Fred does not bother to reply to his poor old mother as he pretends he does not hear her voice when she calls him. In other words, Fred will pretend to be deaf rather than listening to and helping his mother.

So, to keep up with this acting, Fred just remains lying in a silent heap. We can say he sleeps very conveniently so that he does not have to listen to his mother. It is just how lazy he is. Not helping his mother or even replying to the poor old thing. What is most surprising is that one would assume that Fred will get up upon seeing a lady frog.

However, this lazy frog does not move an inch even when a lady frog in passing by him. Generally, even lazy people have something which they get up and do. Similarly, one might think Fred will get up and bow and even help the lady frog on her way. But, even this does not bother Fred. He does not even open his eyes when the lady frog is passing. This just proves he is actually a very lazy frog.

Conclusion of The Lazy Frog

The poem throws light on the life of a lazy frog and how nothing at all ever bothers him, whether it is his own mother or a lady frog.

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