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My Elder Brother Summary for Class 5 English

Summary of My Elder Brother

The story of My Elder Brother is about two brothers who have contrasting personalities and opinions. Over here, the younger brother is the narrator who tells us about life with his elder brother. The age difference between the brothers is five years and three grades. The story tells us about their lives and their relationship. It also tells us what the dynamics are between younger and older brothers. Moreover, it is a story that teaches us to listen to our elders. It states how no matter how equal we become with our elders; they will always have more experience. Therefore, it is not about the arrogance we as younger people should have. It is for giving them the respect they deserve. Further, it also gives a great lesson on not being too arrogant. So, we all must not be too overconfident and ensure to respect and listen to our elders.

My Elder Brother Summary in English

The story begins with two brothers and how they are very different from each other. The younger brother tells the story from his perspective and lets us inside his life with his elder brother. The narrator is five years younger than his older brother. Similarly, the elder one is three grades ahead of the younger ones.

The brothers live together in a hostel and have very contrasting opinions. The elder brother is a hardworking fellow who studies hard. He wishes to build a strong foundation through his education. On the other hand, the younger one prefers playing all day long and doesn’t give much time to his studies. Thus, the elder brother always scolds his little one to be more sincere. Moreover, he shows himself as an example of a disciplined student.

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However, in a turn of events, the younger brother secures the first position in class while the elder brother fails. This makes the younger brother too proud of himself. Even then, the elder brother keeps trying to discipline him and make him work hard. The big brother works harder this time while the little one does the opposite. To everyone’s surprise, the younger one scores first position again while the elder one failed again.

The little one got prouder while the elder one started working harder. One day, the younger one starts running after a kite when the elder brother gets angry. He scolds him for being too careless and gives him a lecture. The elder one tells him that even though the younger one may catch up to him in studies, he will never be able to catch up experience-wise.

The elder brother tells him that that grade gap can be erased but the five years age gap cannot be. The younger brother then realizes that his elder brother will always remain older to him. Thus, he will always scold him and help him get on the right path. Finally, the younger brother realizes the importance of his elder brother and they start running together after the kite.

Conclusion of My Elder Brother

This story teaches us that no matter how intelligent we become, we must not forget to respect our elders and listen to their scolding if it is for the right reason as they want our goodwill.

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