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The Rime of the Ancient Mariner Summary Class 10 English

Summary of The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

In this article, you will be reading the rime of the ancient mariner summary. The poem “ The Rime of Ancient Mariner” was one of the famous works of Samuel Taylor Coleridge. This notable English poet is also a literary critic and a philosopher. Moreover, he, along with his friend, William Wordsworth founded the Romantic  Movement. In this poem, the poet depicts an old sailor who one of the wedding guests and starts telling his story. He started his story as to how their ship sailed from the harbour happily but later faced misfortunes and sadness prevailed. A bird was shot dead by him. He was cursed for his sin. However,  this incidence changed him completely and he learnt to love God’s creatures.

the rime of the ancient mariner summary

The Rime of the Ancient Mariner Summary in English

A group of wedding guests was on their way to a wedding feast. Suddenly, an old sailor stopped one of them. He started telling his story to the person. Although the wedding guest protested, he was forced back to listen to the ancient sailor. The old sailor began his story. He told him how their ship sailed from the harbour happily. However, this happiness was short-lived. A heavy storm blew the ship southwards towards snow and mist. There were huge masses of ice all around. However, an albatross came flying to the rescue. The crew saw him as a noble messenger of God. Also, the snow cracked and gave way to the ship. Once again the ship started sailing. The bird accompanied the ship. The crew fed it. But the sailor shot the bird dead, on an impulse.

The crew cursed him for his misdeed. Later they felt he was right in killing the bird that brought fog and mist. After some time the ship came to a standstill. The sun was blindingly hot. There was water all around.  However, there was no single drop of water to drink. The sea seemed to rot. Ugly creatures moved on its surface as well. The crew looked at the old sailor with the feeling of hatred. They thought that the bird has come to take its revenge. The old sailor wore the cross around his neck. The crew removed it and hanged the dead Albatross in its place in order to remind the old sailor about his sin. Also, it was done so that he should be guilty of his misdeed.

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After facing so many awful situations, he saw a Pilot and Hermit. He asked the Hermit to absolve him of his sin. He learned of his curse that he is destined to tell everyone his tale. The wedding guest left for home and became sadder and wiser.

The poem is all about committing a sin and to repent on the same. The old-sailor accepts that he has done a grave sin. Also, he experiences a change of heart. Thus, he decides to repent on the same. He carries a penance. It was to travel the whole world and tell his whole story, his wrongdoing to the strangers. Also, he told them that we must spend our time in prayers for others. Moreover,  we should respect all his creatures and have a love for them. We should not kill or mistreat them.

Conclusion of The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

The poem depicts that one has to face the results of one’s misdeeds. Thus, we must not commit sins. However, if that happens, we must repent on the same. One can be free from the sins only on repentance.

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