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The Shepherds Treasure Summary

The Shepherds Treasure Summary

The Shepherds Treasure Summary will help us go through the story of a poor shepherd who lives in a village. He is not educated but a very wise and helpful man. His helping nature and wisdom make him quite famous in his village. He becomes so popular that the king comes to know about him. So, the king meets him in disguise. When the king meets him, he learns that the man is quite wise, affectionate and thoughtful. This impresses the king so much that he appoints him as the Governor of a small district. Ultimately, he also wins the hearts of people. This makes the other governors jealous and they spread rumours that he collects a part of the tax in his iron chest. However, when the king opens the chest, they find just an old blanket. Thus, the king makes him the governor of an even bigger district.

the shepherds treasure summary

The Shepherds Treasure Summary in English 

A shepherd lives in Iran and even though he is not educated, he is quite wise. The Shepherds Treasure tells us his story and how he turns rich when the King identifies his strength. It explores the theme of humility and honesty.

A shepherd is a poor man who lives in a small village. As there were no schools at those times, he has not received an education. That does not stop him from being a wise and friendly man.

It is his common sense which helps other people out of their problems. As a result, many people visit him to get advice and he gains popularity. The news soon reaches the king who decides to meet him.

However, he disguises himself as a shepherd and goes to meet him at his cave. On seeing him, the shepherd gives him water and shares his meal. As the king stays the night at his place, he becomes impressed through his kindness and wise talks.

The next morning, as the king is about to leave, he thanks the shepherd for his generosity. Thus, the shepherd tells him he had recognized the king and was grateful to him for his visit.

This impresses the king and he appoints him as the governor of a small district. Soon, the people also start loving the shepherd because of his humility, wisdom and kindness. However, this does not go down well with the other governors.

They plot against him and feeds the king lies about the shepherd’s dishonesty. In order to make their lies concrete, they imply that the shepherd hides the treasure in his trunk, which he always carries with him.

When the king hears about all this, he decides to make the shepherd open the iron chest. When he opens it, he finds only an old blanket in it. This shocks everyone and the shepherd explains that the blanket is his only treasure.

Moreover, the shepherd values it as the blanket provides him protection and will continue to do so even if he loses all his possessions and position. Now, the king feels embarrassed but also impressed by his wisdom. Thus, he appoints him the governor of an even bigger district.

Conclusion of The Shepherds Treasure Summary

The Shepherds Treasure Summary teaches us that wisdom, modesty and candour are qualities of having great ethical conduct. Moreover, it tells us how anyone who possesses these traits will be awarded sooner or later.

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    The wonderful summary thank you for this.

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    What’s funny is that Miss Fairchild said the line- “Money isn’t everything. But people always misunderstand things and remain stupid-” when she herself misunderstood the situation.

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