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Topsy-turvy Land Summary for Class 5

Summary of Topsy-turvy Land

Topsy-turvy land is a poem written by H. E. Wilkinson. It is a very interesting poem that takes us to the land where everything is upside down. It tells us about a strange land where nothing is normal. In fact, the normal that we live in, everything is the opposite of that in this land. It has many amusing things, for instance, the sea does not contain water, and instead, it is full of sand. Similarly, there are many other strange things going on in this land which the poem mentions. Like how the children do not go to school during the day, rather they go to school at night. Further, the houses have a front doorstep at the back. What is most amusing is that, in this land, people walk on their hands instead of their feet. It is an entertaining poem with hilarious scenarios to think about.

Topsy-turvy Land Summary in English

In this poem, we get to see land from a different perspective. As the name suggests, this land has everything which is upside down. To begin with, the sun rises in the west. So, you know, it is very amusing to live in a land like that. There are many other strange things going on in this land which the poem tells us about.

The sea is not made up of water but it contains sand. The children of this land go to school at night and not during the day like it usually happens. Thus, people are up and about at night as they rest during the day. Further, another interesting thing about this land is that the moon over here has got its own light.

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Moreover, in this land, you can find the front doorstep at the back. In another set of strange things, the people walk on their hands instead of using their feet. Similarly, they do not wear their hats on the head but on their feet. The boys of this land love playing with dolls in addition to wearing lipsticks.

On the other hand, another weird thing is that women wear a bindi on their chin and not their foreheads. The plants of this land do not require water to grow. The mice of this land chase cats instead of the other way round. You will not find buses in the streets because they run on the sea over here. Likewise, the boats will not be present in the sea but on the streets.

The jobs of this land are complicated too as the blacksmith’s work is done by the potters of this land. The houses over here do not have humans but animals living in them with humans as their pets. The discount rates are always high in this land and people have to pay for what they do not get.

People of this land go when they actually come back. You will find the ants to be bigger than the elephant and gum is used to break things instead of fixing them.

Conclusion of Topsy-turvy Land

The poem gives us a whole another perspective of the ‘normal’ that we experience each day by telling us about topsy-turvy land where everything is the exact opposite of ‘normal’.

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    What’s funny is that Miss Fairchild said the line- “Money isn’t everything. But people always misunderstand things and remain stupid-” when she herself misunderstood the situation.

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