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Gulliver’s Travels Summary for Class 5 English

Summary of Gulliver’s Travels

This story has been taken from the very famous ‘Gulliver’s Travels’. In total, Gulliver goes on four different voyages. This extract is about the second voyage he takes where he meets the gigantic, humanoid Brobdingnagians. These people exhibit Gulliver as a sideshow attraction. Thus, contrary to the popular voyage to Lilliput, this will make us understand his second voyage. It is also an interesting one where the land of Brobdingnag offers him surprises. This land contains people who are incredibly huge. When Gulliver meets the inhabitants, he thinks they are all monsters. Moreover, there are around seven other monsters that discover him. They talk amongst them to decide what to do with him. Gulliver is seen by a farmer who thinks Gulliver is a little animal. The farmer takes Gulliver home where he encounters different things. However, these huge creatures are surprisingly kind to him.

Gulliver’s Travels in English

This extract has been taken from the popular story of ‘Gulliver’s Travels’. In total, Gulliver went on four voyages, this one tells us about the second voyage that he takes. In this sea voyage, he finds himself, along with his companions, in the land of Brobdingnag. A few of them go to check out for water on the island. However, they could not find any water. All of a sudden, the companions were chased by a huge creature.

This land has inhabitants that have awfully huge bodies. It is almost that they are like giants. They escape with good luck but now Gulliver is all alone on this island. He starts climbing quickly on a steep hill with barley fields and corn rising up to forty feet. Gulliver sees a field that has got a six feet high fence that he cannot climb. He then sees another giant in the field.

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He is a farmer, who is working in the fields along with seven other giants just like him. Gulliver thinks of them to be monsters so he gets scared and shouts loudly. However, to his surprise, the ones who he considers monster were surprisingly kind to him. One giant picks him up and placed him on the ground. Thus, the rest come up to have a look at him. Gulliver now attempts to talk to them in different languages but is unable to communicate.

As Gulliver is so little in size, the farmer mistakes him for an animal. The farmer thinks that he might be a good amusement for his daughter which is why he takes Gulliver home with him. Being the kind person that he is, the farmer crumbles some bread and gives it to Gulliver to eat. The farmer’s one-year-old son arrives and grabs Gulliver and tries to eat him. Gulliver shouts loudly and the baby drops him but the farmer’s wife catches him. She puts Gulliver to bed and covers him with a handkerchief, thereby showing they are such kind creatures.

Conclusion of Gulliver’s Travels

The story takes us onto the second voyage which Gulliver takes to the land of Brobdingnag and it also clears our perception of appearance that giants initially looked scray but they were good and kind people.

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