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Virtually True Summary Class 10 English

Summary of Virtually True

In this article, you will be reading the virtually true summary, one of the famous works of the author, Paul Stewart. ‘Virtual reality’ is a term for computer-simulated environments. In this story, two boys interact with each other in a strange manner, because they never met still creating miracles.   The narrator Michael is a young boy, who has got attention to a piece of news while travelling on a train. He found this news headline about the 14-year-old schoolboy named Sebastian Shultz, who awoke from a coma. The narrator sees the boy’s photograph and he shocked to discover his name. The narrator felt nervous and confused about all of these. He was not able to figure out how this could have happened. Michael is remembering the boy, Sebastian Shultz, who was cited in the newspaper. The story further revealed about Sebastian’s injury in a motorway accident.

virtually true summary

Virtually True Summary in English

The story started with a Computer Fair when Michael’s father gifted him with a new computer with preloaded games. HE was playing the game ‘Wild West’. The game Black-eyed Jed challenged him when he becomes a Sheriff. Then he meets a Second Sheriff with whom he has to go. But, the Second Sheriff happens to get shot by the villains and hence game ended. Later, he gets a printed message as “I am Sebastian Shultz, try playing Dragon Quest”.

In this game, he has to save Princess Aurora from the wicked dragon. He gets the help of the second knight who was Sebastian. Sebastian was killed later, but Michael got a message for not giving up the game and further to play “Jailbreak.” In Jail Break, he has to escape along with the prisoner, and he anyhow knew that it was Sebastian again. They break out of jail and run towards the roof. Then they get into a helicopter from there. Unfortunately, when they took off, Sebastian falls off the helicopter and game ends. Michael plays it many times again, but he never gets any printed message.

Suddenly, one day, his printer displays a message which tells him that the helicopter was a better choice. So, he must try luck at playing “War Zone”, also Sebastian promised him not to trouble again after it.

Michael started the game right away. He found himself in a city, scarred by battle wounds. They run together towards an abandoned jeep. Then, they go towards a helicopter to escape from a tank following them. When jeep was spinning, Michael jumped into the helicopter. Sebastian didn’t go into the helicopter. Michael shouted at him to come into the helicopter but Sebastian gave no response. Suddenly, when the jeep collided with the tank Sebastian forcibly came out of the helicopter. Both flew into clouds and in the end, Michael saved Sebastian.

To cross-check the details, the narrator searched it on the internet.  He found that during the time of the accident, Sebastian was playing one of the psycho-drive games that the narrator had purchased, on his laptop. Later on, the narrator understood that Sebastian’s memory had got stored on the disk of the computer. The laptop saved Sebastian’s memory while banging his head with it during the accident. Further, the narrator came to know that when Sebastian was in the hospital, someone has stolen his games and sold. It was the narrator who finally bought them. The narrator got a “thank you” message from Sebastian for saving his life.

Conclusion of Virtually True

This story is giving a lesson to us about virtual reality, and therefore what is real or what is virtually real – no one can say about with concretely.

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  1. Tanjil says:

    The wonderful summary thank you for this.

  2. Niharika negi says:

    They did not belong to the family of gorden cook and you also didn’t write the spelling correct it’s James cook 😶😑

  3. hmMmm says:

    What’s funny is that Miss Fairchild said the line- “Money isn’t everything. But people always misunderstand things and remain stupid-” when she herself misunderstood the situation.

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