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What Happened to the Reptiles Summary

What Happened to the Reptiles Summary

What Happened to the Reptiles Summary will take us through the chapter in detail. Prem is the narrator of the story who runs away from his village because of unavoidable circumstances. By chance, he reaches the peaceful village of Pambupatti. An old man takes him in and looks after him and other villagers also come to see him. This shocks Prem when he sees everyone caring about each other so much. The old man then tells him a story about this village years ago. The village only had reptiles and the crocodile, Makara, was the leader. One by one, he ordered the rest of the reptiles to leave the village. Soon, they start to have problems in the absence of others. Thus, the rest of the reptiles revolted and brought them back. Thereby telling us that all types of creatures are important for the normal functioning of the world.

What Happened to the Reptiles Summary

What Happened to the Reptiles Summary in English 

Prem is a man who lives in a village near the jungle. He is the narrator of the story who tells us about the ancient story of the village Pambupatti. So, What Happened to the Reptiles Summary will take us through the story for a better understanding.

Prem lives in a village full of different people who speak different languages and belonging to a different faith. Similarly, their eating habits are also different. However, last year, religious break out in his village.

It turned ugly and people started attacking and burning mosques and temples. Prem also couldn’t save himself and his house also went up in flames. Luckily, he grabs some money and clothes and flees the village.

He travels for two days and two nights and reaches the village of Pambupatti. As he is so tired, he faints near the well. An old man sees him and takes him in. Surprisingly, the rest of the villagers also come and visit him.

This surprises Prem to see all the peace and harmony amongst the villagers. Thus, the old man starts to tell him about an ancient story of their village. He basically explains the reason behind the peace and harmony which prevails in their village.

A long, long time ago, the village had no schools. People were living in caves and the forest had only panthers, elephants and reptiles, like snakes, crocodiles, lizards and tortoises.

Every month, the reptiles hold a meeting. The powerful crocodile, Makara, presides over it. Thus, nobody dares challenge the authority of Makara. They just agree and go along with his decision.

One fine day, Makara decides to make the tortoises go away. He asks them to not attend the meeting. After that, he tells the other reptiles that tortoises are useless creatures and that they are slow and stupid.

However, in the absence of tortoises, the forest got filled with the foul smell of rotting fruits and fishes. Next month, Makara drives away all the snakes citing that they are slippery and ugly looking.

Consequently, the population of rats start growing in the absence of snakes. Then, Makara orders the insect-eating lizards to leave the village. At last, only crocodiles are left in the forest.

However, they face many problems of rats, frogs, insects and the foul smell. Thus, they lead miserable lives. As a result, all the reptiles revolt against Makara and throw him out. They call back the rest of the reptiles and order is restored once again in the village.

Conclusion of What Happened to the Reptiles Summary

What Happened to the Reptiles Summary teaches us the importance of each and every individual in a society. It tells us how everyone plays an equally important role in the world.

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    What’s funny is that Miss Fairchild said the line- “Money isn’t everything. But people always misunderstand things and remain stupid-” when she herself misunderstood the situation.

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