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Who Did Patrick’s Homework? Summary

Who Did Patrick’s Homework? Summary

Who Did Patrick’s Homework? Summary will tell you about the story of a boy who does not like his homework at all. Patrick is a boy who hates doing homework. He enjoys games even though his teachers warn him to complete it, he rarely listens. One day, he finds his cat playing with a doll and takes it away. Surprisingly, he realizes that it is not a doll but a little man. He pleads Patrick to save him and in return, promises to grant a wish. He asks the little man to do his homework in return. So, he agrees and begins to do the work. But, he constantly asks for Patrick’s help throughout in every subject. For instance, asking about the meaning of a word or explaining the events in history subject. Finally, the result comes out and Patrick gets an A grade. Finally, he becomes independent and happy.

Who Did Patrick’s Homework? Summary

Who Did Patrick’s Homework? Summary in English 

This story presents magical realism in a very striking manner. It is about a boy, Patrick, who does not like doing his homework. Who Did Patrick’s Homework? Summary will tell us about how Patrick gets inspired and feels driven to work hard by an imaginary being.

Patrick does not complete his homework so he does not get good grades. Homework does not interest him at all as his interest lies in playing games. He keeps playing hockey, basketball and Nintendo.

In fact, his teachers also warn him to complete his homework, so that he does not remain an ignorant person. Even Patrick feels the same way sometimes but does not do anything about it.

One day, he finds his cat playing with a little doll. He takes the doll away but surprisingly, he finds out that it is not a doll but a little man. The man is wearing old-fashioned britches and a hat as tall as a witch’s.

The little man cries for help and asks him to save him. In return, the little man agrees to grant a wish of Patrick. Patrick saves the little man and is quite pleases to get that one wish. He asks him to complete all his homework till the semester end.

Although the little man does not like it, he agrees to do so. He begins working in right earnest but faces one difficulty. Quite often, the elf keeps asking Patrick for help during his homework.

For instance, he asks Patrick for a dictionary. After that, he asks him to look up a word and speak the spellings out loudly. Similarly, it is the same as Math or even worse. Thus, Patrick sits beside him to guide him at all times.

He goes to the library and gets books and reads them out to the little man. Thus, the elf writes down those points in his homework. Come to think of it, Patrick does the hard work himself.

When the time arrives of the final day, the elf is free to go. The results come out and Patrick scores the A grade. This leaves the classmates amazed as well as the teachers. Even his parents wonder how he turned into such a model kid.

Therefore, Patrick does actually develop a whole new attitude. While Patrick thinks that the elf completed his homework, it was actually Patrick himself completing it all along.

Conclusion of Who Did Patrick’s Homework? Summary

Who Did Patrick’s Homework? Summary teaches us that the key to success is pure hard work. We must always do our work on our own and that self-help can actually produce wonders.

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    The wonderful summary thank you for this.

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    They did not belong to the family of gorden cook and you also didn’t write the spelling correct it’s James cook 😶😑

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    What’s funny is that Miss Fairchild said the line- “Money isn’t everything. But people always misunderstand things and remain stupid-” when she herself misunderstood the situation.

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