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Who Will be Ningthou Summary for Class 5

Summary of Who Will be Ningthou

Who will be ningthou is a story from Manipur which tells us about the qualities which a good ruler must possess. It is important for rulers to possess certain qualities that will keep their kingdom happy. That is why we learn through this story what it is like to be a good ruler. The king and queen of Manipur are really nice rulers. They just wish for their kingdom to prosper and stay happy. Similarly, the people of the kingdom also adore the royalty and love them dearly. In fact, even the birds, animals and all love them a great deal. They have four children from which three are sons and one is a daughter. The daughter is a kind soul with a pure heart, loved by all. The king wants to choose an heir for the kingdom and everyone thinks it’ll be one of the sons. However, he chooses his daughter for she is ever so kind.

Who Will be Ningthou Summary in English

This story is set in Manipur and tells us about the qualities of a good ruler. The king and queen of the kingdom are really good rulers. They have one wish which is to see their kingdom prosper under good leadership. Similarly, they are also good rulers who work for the best of their people. In return, the people of the kingdom also love and respect them equally. Not only that, all creatures including the birds and animals loved them.

The king and queen have four children. They have three sons and one daughter. The name of their daughter is Sanatombi who has a really good heart. She is a pure soul whom everyone loves completely. As the king starts growing old, he starts worrying about his kingdom. He wants someone kind and empathetic to rule the kingdom after him. Thus, he decides to choose an heir who will keep the kingdom happy after he is gone.

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To decide the rightful heir, the king decides to test all his three sons. He wants to test them to see if they possess the qualities that will make them a good ruler. However, to his disappointment, none of the sons was worthy enough. The king does not think that he can make any of them be the ruler of his kingdom. He does not see the qualities in them which can keep the kingdom happy and help it prosper under any of their leadership.

Thus, he decides to crown his daughter, Sanatombi, as the rightful heir of the kingdom. Sanatombi is merely twelve years old and still, the king decides to make her the queen of the kingdom. He does so because Sanatombi is a very kind person who possesses the quality of a true leader. She is empathetic who can feel the pain of the people of the kingdom. She is equally caring about animals, birds, and even the trees. So, everyone also agrees and is quite content with their future queen.

Conclusion of Who Will be Ningthou

The story is a great lesson in telling us about what makes a good ruler and how we must all be empathetic to everyone in order to make our world a better place for everyone to live in.

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