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Dust of Snow Summary Class 10 English

Summary of Dust of Snow

This article focuses on the short poem, Dust of snow summary by Robert Frost. It illustrates the extraordinary curative power of nature and trivial things in life. Nature cures everything whether it is awful mood or illness. The author is experiencing one such bad day when a crow’s movement near hemlock dusted snow upon him. The snow instantly makes him happier. His day gets tons better. The supremacy of nature made him realise his problems are petty. The fact that hemlock is poisonously combined with crow being the indicator of doom and fear is utilized in the poem because the carrier of happiness within the lifetime of the narrator is ironical. The poet tries to spotlight that sometimes creatures link with negative aspects of life often bring change and happiness. Being outdoors in nature, with all its unpredictability can benefit anyone, anywhere at any time.

dust of snow summary

Dust of Snow Summary in English

It is winter season and the poet is in a bad mood sitting quietly under the hemlock tree covered all over the snow. On spur of moment, a crow sitting on the branch of the tree shakes the tree, and the snow from tree falls on the poet. The snow is cold and velvety to touch which changes the poet’s mood from bitter to elate. This fills him with a refreshing feeling. This moment was very compelling and saves his day from disappointment. The black crow usually symbolizes bad omen and emblem of death and fear. Since the crow is not related to goodwill, it is ironic that during this poem he did an honest deed by shaking off the snow.

Robert Frost did not prefer to use any other trees like oak, maple or pine. He chose the hemlock which is typically related to poison and toxicity. Similarly, he uses dust which is useless to anybody and nobody wants to be liking dust. But the poet uses it as an impulse that brings positive thoughts in mind. Anyway, the alluring snow that adorns the poisonous hemlock tree’s branches is shaken off by a scary crow. We have toxic hemlock covered in pure, white snow, and a person who is depressed, getting to kill himself and walking under the tree. The black crow throws the snow on the poet. The feels of pure cold snow alter his mind about sacrificing his life. On the contrary, he decides to forget the regrets of his life and sorrow to follow the path of healing of the inner soul.

This poem conveys the message that nothing in life is small. Even trivial things can bring positive changes in our life. In addition to this, it also shows that if we take things positively in life, situations do change for better. Even the small help or good gestures we do for others make large differences. Just believe those random acts of kindness we do and the way they brighten a person’s day, and sometimes change their future. Noticing and appreciating all the tiny things in life will make our life happier.

Conclusion of Dust of Snow
The poem teaches us a lesson that every small act in life can illuminate our soul and motivate us to do better.

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